June 2, 2023

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The reign of Carlos III was a transition towards a modernized monarchy and a look at Guillermo

London.- Just the King Charles III Taking the first step to the throne, there was a storm of criticism, suspicion and speculation about the press, the political media and the British establishment. The dangers that threatened the monarchy with his arrival. gave a very important note in this regard The Sunday TimesThe traditionally conservative newspaper has been one of the crown pillars throughout history: in a wordless map, published opposite the editorial page, Comedian Morton Morland showed the new king getting a small crown on his head.

The skepticism reflects the uncertainty of a country that has yet to finish grieving after a death. Isabel II After ruling the country for 70 years, he left behind an heir who was crowned the oldest sovereign in British history. The way to describe it is to summarize it. That his kingdom would be temporary because he would die shortly. For this reason, most of the opinions of the political class and monarchists focus on the figure of the crown prince. William of Wales.

Great Britain’s King Charles III, wearing the Imperial State Crown, leaves Westminster Abbey after his coronation in central London on May 6, 2023.Don Charitable – Pool

Doubts about the future of the British crown are not new. In 2021, author Hilary Mandel predicted it Monarchy “does not last more than two family generations”, William will be the last king of a dynasty that began a thousand years ago. “Prince George will never get the crown,” she predicted.

In any case, “The problem lies not in the monarch’s embodied role, but in the institution’s future,” wrote Russell Myers. A government commentator in the Mirror, a newspaper reflecting labor conditions. It also means that social democracy recognizes that the monarch’s greatest challenge is to “secure the future of the monarchy”. Barring a surprise chance of winning the majority needed to put the Conservatives in power in the 2024 elections, Labour’s position reveals no real internal threat.

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Small anti-monarchy demonstrations in Trafalgar Square, where the coronation was taking place 2 miles away, and hostile chants interrupted by the King’s God Save at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium, demonstrated that republican sentiment in Britain was relatively stable: 65% of Britons favor retaining the monarchy and only 25% want a “transition” towards republican rule., according to a poll conducted last week by Ipsos for the Sky News television network. Republican sentiment, expressed in yellow signs reading “Not My King,” is far from threatening, but it has reached its highest level in 30 years. Not surprisingly, another YouGov survey found that 78% of his supporters are concentrated in the over-65 population, compared to only 35% of young people.

William, Prince of Wales, returns to Buckingham Palace from Westminster Abbey in central London, May 6, 2023, after the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.Adrian Dennis – Pool

The main criticism is not of a political nature. Republicans criticize him for funding his high standard of living through the taxes of the country’s 67 million citizens, who are falling into poverty at a rapid rate. “They should be privatized or generate their own resources to finance their operations,” the protesters demand.

Carlos III wanted to put a positive spin on his reign in order to try to break the black streak of volcanic episodes that had dotted the Windsors’ prestige since the scandals involving Princess Margaret in the 1960s. Although handcuffed by the unwritten constitution – from making political decisions and participating in the national debate – the new king wants to lead his country down a path of respect for nature and ecological change. His first gestures were to replace the thermal engines of two private cars, an Aston Martin and a Bentley, but he refused to install wind turbines on land in his Cornwall estate so as not to spoil the “delightful views” of the countryside.

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Since his mother’s death, he too has often fueled his ambition Some royal residences, such as palaces such as Balmoral, Windsor and Buckingham Palace, are dedicated to sites open to the public.

Britain’s King Charles III speaks with Queen Camilla from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after his coronation in London, Saturday, May 6, 2023.Mark Osland – Pool Times Media Limited

As Supreme Governor of the Church of England, he must support Commitment to end CO2 emissions, declared in a solemn declaration by the Anglican hierarchy. And as a “defender of the faith”, his other ambition is to protect the freedom of worship and the multiculturalism of society, not forgetting the rights of non-believers.

But without political clout, it was not easy for him to promote these ideas and shake off the image of mediocrity and vanity that had come from the House of Windsor for more than half a century and transform it into a virtuous monarchy capable of responding. to the true aspirations of his city.

Not unlike Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, the storm of conflicting emotions that hit Buckingham Palace shows it. Most Britons, supporters or opponents, believe that Charles III’s accession to the throne did not mark the beginning of a new era, but rather its perfect continuation.

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