April 22, 2024

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The release of version 7.0 of the new PlayStation 5 system update; Offers 1440p VRR support, Discord Voice Chat, and more

The release of version 7.0 of the new PlayStation 5 system update;  Offers 1440p VRR support, Discord Voice Chat, and more

Sony has just published PlayStation 5 System Update 7.0 (23.01-07.00.00), which packs VRR support for 1440p displays, Discord Voice Chat, and more.

After last month’s beta release, the new system update is now available to all PS5 owners. As said, the main features include variable refresh rate support for 1440p displays and Discord audio chats. In addition, this new firmware release enables additional data transfer options between PlayStation 5 consoles. These new options allow users to transfer data between PS4 and PS5 systems more easily.

We’ve included a screenshot of the main features that are included in this system update below. There you’ll also find more details about the new VRR and Save Data migration options:

New gameplay and customization options

  • Variable refresh rate support for 1440p. Now you can enjoy smoother visual performance when using a VRR-compatible HDMI 2.1 display with a resolution of 1440p, when playing a VRR-enabled game. ***
  • We’ve also made some updates to the PS5 console’s 1440p output test parameters, enabling 1440p support for a wider range of HDMI displays.
    • To check if your HDMI device is compatible, go to [Settings] > [Screen and Video] > [Video Output] > [Test 1440p Output].

New features for accessibility and ease of use

  • PS4 to PS5 save data migration. We make it easy for you to access your PS4 data saved on your PS5 console in two ways:
    • When you download or install a PS4 game on your PS5 console, a notification will appear that your PS4 save data is available in PlayStation Network cloud storage (if your PS5 console doesn’t already have save data for the game). Simply select the notification to download your saved data.
    • When you download or install a PS5 game that can load PS4 save data, such as a PS5 version of a game also released on PS4, the same notification will appear (if the game supports this feature).
    • (Note: Online storage of save data requires a PlayStation Plus subscription)
  • PS5 to PS5 Data Transfer. You can now easily transfer data on your PS5 console, including games, save data, user profiles and settings, screenshots and videos, to another PS5 console using a local Wi-Fi network or a LAN cable. You can either transfer data during the initial setup of the PS5 console or later from the settings menu. This process does not remove or modify data on the original PS5 console.
  • Screen reader improvements. The screen reader now provides more detailed instructions when navigating the console. It will now tell you which direction to go from the currently selected component, as well as your current location in a component that contains multiple items. Additionally, when you use a screen reader to view webpages, you’ll now see a border around the section that’s being read aloud.
  • Update the wireless device for your DualSense Wireless Controller. You can now update your DualSense Wireless Controller software with a wireless connection. If you’re having trouble updating your device software wirelessly, connect your console to your PS5 console using a USB cable to update it. You will be able to update wirelessly for the next update.
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We will update you as soon as more information about this new firmware version comes out. Sony will likely post the official release notes at Its support page shortly.