April 13, 2024

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The reveal of Destiny 2 for the first time in the light has players optimistic about the Horde situation

The reveal of Destiny 2 for the first time in the light has players optimistic about the Horde situation

Bungie appears to have been a bit caught off guard by the final skin's delay, as it wasn't planning on salable content like the 30th Anniversary Pack that will be released in the middle of the six-month season. Instead, they promised Into the Light, a mysterious two months of content that wasn't explained, other than it was intended for new and veteran players.

Now, technically Bungie a statement to the light, though details will come three Separate live broadcasts over the next three weeks, suggesting that there may be a lot to talk about, and that content may be more substantive than anyone, including me, was making it out to be.

The reveal of the first image from Into the Light above has fans buzzing, meaning people are thinking that there might be enough evidence to suggest that this could end up being some sort of defensive activity in Horde mode, something Destiny fans have been actively asking for. Or another about a decade ago. It's unclear whether or not that will come true, but there are some interesting things in this image, and some clues that could at least lean in that direction. So, what should you notice?

The tower is fixed – After being completely damaged in Destiny 2, it appears that the tower has finally been fully repaired. This led to the idea that Destiny had effectively created a “tower defense” mode, defeating waves of enemies while drying up to destroy our just-rebuilt tower.

Pyramid cell delivery mechanism – How is the cell in the last city never hacked? (Well except for that one time and that other time). The answer seems pretty obvious, which is that an invading force from the Pyramids brought it down, and even created a pyramid architecture within the city, which I have to assume is what the hive flows from. We also have to assume that these are Xivu Arath's forces, though I can't imagine we're actually fighting them in this.

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Friendly turrets and blue laser fence -More evidence of Horde mode, as you tend to create static towers when you grapple with waves of stuff and not move around the level. I suppose that's a generalization, but you get the idea. These towers feature the Vanguard logo and will be the first time we have custom friendly towers on our end. Also in this photo, you can see a kind of blue laser fence, wrapping around all the towers and guards in this photo. The idea is that this is a kind of “protected area” that you have to defend, or that you guard to activate towers, or something like that.

Duplicate weapons(?). – Two of the weapons pictured here appear to be the Midnight Coup and Blast Furnace, the iconic Leviathan hand cannon and the Black Armory pulse rifle, respectively. Plus an Arrivals-style Vortex sword. However, if you look closely, it seems that a lot of these weapons are not literally These are weapons, but those weapons that reproduce their model. They may look similar and be exactly the same archetype, but at least I think there are new names and many new additional perks.

I think the dream here is that this could be a true Horde mode in Destiny 2 that rewards reenacted versions of some of the best weapons that are still banned in the game. We'll know more over the next few weeks, but that's the current hope, at least.

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