July 24, 2024

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is already discounted by $100

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is already discounted by 0

Samsung announced the Galaxy S23 FE at the beginning of last month, after long weeks of leaks and rumors about it. Then, it went on sale in the US last week, with a twist – despite the price Samsung initially revealed of $599, the company itself was asking $629 for it for some reason.

Fortunately, the $599 price was still respected by third parties like Amazon, which was good news at the time, but today we have… Even better News. You can now buy the S23 FE for just $499.

Deal Comes from Amazon This is very welcome, especially since it arrives a few days after the phone went on sale. To get the S23 FE for $499, Just head to Amazon And clip the coupon on the page before adding it to your cart. Then, at checkout, you’ll get a price reduction of $100, making the price you pay $499.

This only applies to the 128GB version, which is the entry-level model. You can get it in “mint” or purple at the discount — if you want white or black, you’re out of luck, at least for now.

Amazon generally posts an expiration date for these coupons, but in this case it didn’t, so there’s really no telling how long this deal will last. So, if you’ve been eyeing the S23 FE since it was announced but thought $599 (or even $629) was too much to pay for it, maybe now is a good time to get one?

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