February 20, 2024

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The shooting incident in Chicago during the Independence Day parade in the United States has caused great shock

The shooting incident in Chicago during the Independence Day parade in the United States has caused great shock

New York.- At least six people died and 24 to 31 were injured. Today is one A new mass shooting in AmericaIn this case in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, when a man opened fire from a rooftop against a parade that was part of a 4th of July celebration.

The shooting occurred shortly after 10 a.m. (local time) downtown Highland Park, a suburb north of Chicago, During the Independence Day parade, it was cancelled 20-25 shots are heard 10 minutes after the event startsAccording to witnesses, this caused a mass flight of hundreds of people.

Illinois State Police are searching for the suspect, according to official sources. About Robert E. Grimmo III, 22, was identified as a person of interest Officer Lou Jogmen told reporters.

Several police forces are looking for Grimo, who is believed to be “Armed and very dangerous” and people were advised to “stand back” if they saw him. He is believed to be driving a silver Honda Fit.

Robert (Bobby) e. Grimmo III, 22, was identified by Chicago police as a person of interest in the Highland Park shooting during a July 4 celebration.City of Highland Park

Earlier, authorities urged people to stay indoors as they patrolled the area.

At this time, “16 people have been hospitalized and five people have died,” according to the Highland Park City Council. “We are dealing with an active incident. A shelter in place is recommended.

local environment Chicago Sun Times The number of hospitalizations is updated, increased to 31And 26 people were reported injured at Highland Park Hospital and five more at Evanston Hospital. “Most were treated for gunshot wounds,” he explained, though others were for injuries sustained as they ran away during the march.

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A Mexican citizen A portion of the six deaths involved gunfire, according to reports Robert VelascoTwo of the injured were “of Mexican origin,” said the head of the North America division of the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

Security forces are searching for the suspect.. Evidence of possession of the firearm was recovered. A large number of agents are already on duty and have secured a perimeter in the heart of Highland Park,” a municipal statement said.

First responders work at the scene of a shooting at a parade in Highland Park, Illinois on July 4, 2022.
First responders work at the scene of a shooting at a parade in Highland Park, Illinois on July 4, 2022.Jim Wondruska – Getty Images North America

Police and firefighters received the first report of an active shooter around 10:15 a.m. Upon arrival, agents stabilized several victims and began CPR on one of them.

“It looked like a battlefield.” A witness told local WBBM radio. “People were crying and screaming and nobody knew what was going on.”

A video posted on social media shows onlookers sitting quietly on the sidewalk enjoying the festivities when someone shouts. “Shots!”. Immediately, members of one of the marching bands begin to run forward, while the rest run frantically.

Senseless gun violence is a national epidemic and has nowhere to go, so we must continue to fight to end it. “The Chicago Police Department will be there for whatever the city of Highland Park needs,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown posted on Twitter.

Brad SchneiderA Democratic representative from Illinois in the lower house of Congress was in this upper-class city on the shores of Lake Michigan when the scenes rang out.

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“My campaign team and I were gathering for the start of the march when the shooting started,” he posted on his Twitter account after taking refuge. “My condolences to the families and loved ones; My prayers for the injured and my community; And my commitment to doing everything we can to make our children, our cities and our nation safer. that is enough!”.

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