June 24, 2024

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The Simpsons is returning for Season 35, 36, and may never be cancelled

The Simpsons is returning for Season 35, 36, and may never be cancelled

Can you imagine a world without The Simpsons? Although its cultural dominance peaked more than 20 years ago, the Fox animated series created by Matt Groening and James L. Fox announced Thursday that The Simpsons It was renewed again, for two more seasons. The series will helm the series’ 35th and 36th seasons, maintaining the show’s record as the longest-running scripted sitcom in television history. (Saturday Night Liveconsidered a variety show, sitting atop all timers with 48 seasons.)

The Simpsons The request comes at a time when live television after major sporting events is in shambles. But the animated series maintains a solid ratings streak; The final episodes received as many as 4 million viewers, outstripping most other non-sports network programming. The renewal also comes with good news for the animated series sponsored in orbit The Simpsons: bob burger He will return for Seasons 14 and 15, while Family man He will get season 22 and 23.

Perhaps the most surprising facts The Simpsons is that it’s also one of Disney’s biggest streaming successes. what the desk did for Netflix, The Simpsons Is it for Disney Plus. Nielsen US revealed this week that while support offerings such as Weird thingsAnd WednesdayAnd Cobra Kai It was widely popular in the 2022, new and old seasons The Simpsons Similar numbers, coming to 15.9 billion minutes of screen time. It can’t hurt to have 667 episodes available on Disney Plus.

Since the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, it is mostly used by Disney The Simpsons To take advantage of other brands. In addition to the newly added episodes, Disney Plus has released six shorts starring the characters, which have incorporated everything from Star Wars to Marvel to a Billie Eilish concert. It would seem rude were it not for the show’s legacy in syndication!

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number, The Simpsons It’s not what it used to be – but the writers aren’t content to do the same old 35 seasons in either. This is a show that has also been pushed around in recent years, despite the Disney brand awareness Don Hertzfeldt to design his own sofa And space committed to a stretch Tribute to Edward Gorey. The Simpsons and its wide range of characters are not different from Muppets in their plug and play capability Whimsical animated worlds. no wonder The Simpsons The fandom is thrivingeven when expressing it audiences has little to do with the show itself.

The Simpsons Season 34 is currently on hiatus, with new episodes premiering later this year.