June 19, 2024

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The three zodiac signs with the raw horoscope on Wednesday 4 May 2022


We have a very nice day ahead, and for some, this could mean trouble. With moon in cancerWe may end up feeling very sorry for ourselves on this day, and with the Moon trine Saturn, we may end up telling ourselves that it’s all our fault.

between the self-pity And justifying the idea that we’re not good people, but rather filthy waste of life, some zodiac signs here today will not care about the temporary effects of the day.

The idea of ​​degrading ourselves to the point that we begin to believe the lies we tell ourselves is just too much to handle.

However, some of us would be so self-loathing that it might seem unrealistic. This is how Saturn gets us. We think we need to be something – someone else, and in the long run, we can only be who we are.

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Saturn effect It makes us believe that we need to fit in with the template, and the more we try harder, the more we push ourselves to failure. And failure is the essence of the day: feeling like one, being afraid to be one, failing at something when only success was allowed.

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