April 25, 2024

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The United States will remove the FARC from its list of terrorists on the anniversary of the signing of the peace agreement.

Everything indicates that the United States is preparing the field to give new impetus to signing Final peace agreement Between the Colombian government and Colombia’s extinct Revolutionary Armed Forces (Farc). Many media outlets reported that it was at least a North American country The once-armed organization is preparing to be removed from its list of foreign terrorist groups.

The initial report was published Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal, which confirms the decision of the Joe Biden administration. This is directly related to the anniversary of the agreement between the government and the missing gorilla. They added that this should come into effect today once the Foreign Office, which oversees the list, has completed the required documentation.

As the US media explained in its note, “By doing this, the US recognizes the steps taken by the rebels to transform their group into a political party. Now called the Commons PartyOfficials said. Promoting the post It also sends a message to the other armed groups on the list, In Colombia or other countries, they can be removed from the list if they abandon violence. ”

Similarly, it should be noted that FARC dropped that list, which they have been with since 1997, This allows the Biden government to allocate more resources to various projects that will be part of the implementation of the final peace agreement and will require the participation of ex-combatants such as crop transplantation and demining anti-personnel mines.

If so, it should be noted that the aforementioned country appoints all threatening organizations as foreign terrorist groups. “The security or national security of American citizens (National security, foreign relations or economic interests) of the United States ”.

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As the State Department recalls on its website, once they fall into that category It is illegal for residents of that country to offer them any kind of support And encourages other countries to do the same, tarnishing the organization internationally.

“The Anti-Terrorism Office plays a key role in our fight against terrorism Is a great way to reduce support for terrorist activities And pressuring groups to withdraw from the terrorist industry indicates dependence on the US government.

That being said, for the past few years The He asks about Fark’s permanence on the list, Taking into account that the signing of the peace agreement was registered in 2016.

The fact is that the removal of the group was able to negotiate with the United States, But with the regime change between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, it was completely paralyzed. Finally Joe Biden decided to move forward with a gesture of support for the Colombian agreement.

According to the Colombian newspaper El Timpo, the Trump administration decided to keep the panel on that list in 2018, after reviewing their case and deciding on it. Although most of the guerrilla population dropped their weapons, dissident groups were formed Under the same ideology, they continued to commit crimes in Colombia.

It is worth noting in that sense It is unclear to what extent this change will leave dissidents, The Colombian Ministry of Defense has been widely accused and actively involved in the cocaine smuggling business to the United States.

After all, a section of those dissidents, baptized as the second Marquetalia, are close to the regime of Nicolas Maduro and are in the eyes of the United States. They were established by the deceased They are led to this day by Ivor Marquez, also known as Jesus Sandrich, Cuixis Paucias Hernandez and Luciano Marin. Both, let us remember the former guerrillas who participated as negotiators of the agreement signed in 2016.

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The status of these variations of the gorilla will be known as soon as the State Department announces the removal of Fork, a conversation that first took place. Office of the Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Treasury and the Judiciary; And the Congress of that nation.

On the whole, the gesture of the burden of the stigma is a relief to the retired militants, who have not escaped violence since they laid down their arms, and have been the victims of assassinations and intimidation. According to the Institute for Research on Development and Peace (Indepaz), The deaths of the 44 people who signed the agreement were recorded in 2021 alone. The same organization talks about 293 from a document signed five years ago.

As Juan Fororo, head of the South American office of the Wall Street Journal, recalls, “the violence has also targeted community leaders in areas where armed groups have filled the void left by the FARC.” The Colombian government has not stopped the violence”. That, translated into Indepaz figures, is reflected This year 155 leaders were killed And 1,270 since the contract was signed.

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