February 29, 2024

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The WHO said the Omicron variant spreads very rapidly and that vaccines are less effective.

The international organization pointed out that the new variant is spreading faster than the delta.

Today 14:21

The World Health Organization (WHO) said today that the omigran variant of the corona virus is more prevalent than the delta, with milder symptoms, weakening the function of the vaccine, although these data indicate that it is preliminary.

Micron is in 63 countries as of December 9, and the UN Health Organization has added a technical update to its Geneva headquarters in line with recent reports from some of its officials.

According to the WHO, Omigron delta seems to be spreading faster than ever, which is the cause of most infections in the world so far.

This rapid improvement is not limited to delta-less South Africa, but also to delta-dominated England.

But at present, in the absence of additional information, it is not possible to say whether the rate of transmission of Ómicron manages to avoid immunity because its properties make it highly contagious, or a combination of two factors.

The AFP news agency reports that the WHO predicts that Omigron will “surpass the delta” in areas of social dispersal.

Although symptoms currently appear to be “mild to moderate” in both South Africa and Europe, data are not yet sufficient to establish the extent of severity of Omicron’s medical condition.

According to the WHO, some of the available data on vaccines show that Ómicron’s genetic profile “reduces the effectiveness of defense against infection”, with most mutations in the protein that the virus uses to colonize human cells.

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Manufacturer Pfizer / Bioendech last week described the three-dose vaccine schedule against Omigron as “effective”.

Countries with mechanisms encourage people to get a third level.

There is a new wave of infections in Europe caused by delta irritation, abandonment of preventive measures and low vaccination rates in some countries.