April 13, 2024

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They estimate the year-end bonus they will give: to whom will they give it, and how much will it be?

With the calendar already set in December, two decades after the eruption in 2001, the government is evaluating various control strategies for sectors most affected by the devastating economic crisis. Beneficiaries and retirees of various social schemes among them can get year end bonus.

In that regard, Gaza Rosada officials have adjusted the details of what the bonus will be at the end of the year for beneficiaries of global plans and allocations. This amount will be half of the project drawer paid each year and will be around 8,000 paise. And retirees will have the same reinforcement they have had in the last few opportunities. “We know people are having a very bad time and we are doing everything we can to get out of this moment,” they said excitedly at the Casa Rosada.

“We know people are having a very bad time and we are doing everything we can to get out of this moment,” the president’s sources explain, and seeks to drive out the 2001 demons. However, they acknowledged in government that despite the current crisis, in a country marked by poverty and inflation, it is “too far away” to repeat what happened 20 years ago. However, they know that this year’s closing year will encourage the mobilization of many fighters. “It always raises concerns, but you do not see any attempt at violence or instability,” Gaza Rosada spokesmen assured the press.

Nevertheless, the last month of 2021, as usually happens every year, prompts the rush to take control measures in the most vulnerable sectors. This is despite pressure from the government, and especially the Treasury, to consider the need to agree with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Still, they say closely to President and Economy Minister Martin Guzman, “We have not lost sight of what is happening at the community level.”

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