February 25, 2024

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They find eight dead in Favela, where a police officer was killed in Rio de Janeiro.

Firefighters, experts and police come together to remove bodies found in the Salcuro community (Photo: EFE)

Suburban residents Rio de Janeiro They found at least one body on Monday Eight people Then in a swamp Shoot with local police.

Bodies were found near the so-called cottage complex Willow tree, In the city Chao Kongalo, A region Poor And Violence It is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Rio.

People in the area told the media They hoped other bodies would be found. “All the bodies were thrown into a swamp, With signs of torture. Were thrown one on top of the other. This is clearly murderA resident told the news website G1.

The bodies were found after an operation in the area last weekend. It all started on Saturday after the death of a police officer on patrol. Supervised by Sao Gonacalo 7th Battalion, Which has long been one of the worst in the state of Rio.

Crowd near the scene (Photo: REUTERS / Ricardo Moraes)
Crowd near the scene (Photo: REUTERS / Ricardo Moraes)

Police said they entered the area.Stabilize it“After the violence between the alleged drug gangs. They also said law enforcement officers would be in the area to investigate the civil police.

A “police massacre” “full of questions”

Human rights groups in Brazil described the situation this Monday.Police massacre“Events that took place.” The military police confirm that this is an operation.To stabilizeLocation, but signs and complaints that the victims may have been hanged illegally should be taken into account Due diligence And in accordance with international human rights norms, ”he said. International apology, This is a statement.

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According to Human Rights Watch, This is another police operation “Method Explained“And” is full Questions“, This is immediate”, “completely” and “independently” to find those responsible by the Ministry of Public Works to know the circumstances of the deaths, including the death of Sergeant Leandro.

Data from the Security Surveillance Network indicate that it was up to October this year 38 massacres in Rio de Janeiro – four more than in 2020- and 27 of them were committed by the police, 128 recorded deaths.

Firefighters remove some of the bodies (Photo: Reuters)
Firefighters remove some of the bodies (Photo: Reuters)

As stated in it Red, What happened at the Manguora campus “Police assassination with another revenge motive”Because it bears a striking resemblance to other massacres at the hands of uniformed men in Rio.

A spokesman for the Military Police, Major Evan Plass, confirmed to reporters on Monday that the operation was carried out in the Complex do Salcuiro following the death of a police Special Operations Battalion (BOPE) sergeant. “Various conflicts” with numerous injuries, among them the police.

Considered Rio de Janeiro Police One of the most violent in Brazil It accounts for the vast majority of deaths recorded in this Brazilian state.

Last May, in an action strongly questioned by the UN and international organizations for the protection of human rights, 2Eight people, including a police officer, have been killed in a gun battle between soldiers and members of a criminal gang in Favela, Rio de Janeiro. In 2020, In Rio, 1,245 people died at the hands of uniformed people.

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(With information from Reuters and EFE)

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