June 13, 2024

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They found the body of a woman inside a 5 meter python

They found the body of a woman inside a 5 meter python

Neighbors in a village on the island of Central Sulawesi IndonesiaThey found out The dead body of a 45-year-old woman disappeared in 5 meters inside the pythonDetik portal reported this Sunday.

Surti Rosi, head of Kalempang village, told Indonesian media that the victim, Farida, was found inside the snake on Friday after a day of searching since it went missing.

A mother of four children, He went to the market to sell his goods but never returned home. that night Her husband asked the villagers for help in finding her, and they found her belongings near the garden.

And then they found out Python with a big lump on its body They decided to open the snake and found a corpse in it.

A similar event took place in the same Asian country in October 2022. Zahra, a 54-year-old woman, suddenly disappeared while harvesting rubber in Jambi province. The reason is truly dramatic: a python nearly 7 meters long swallowed it.

Worried by its absence, the girl’s family raised an alarm in the town and everyone started searching the nearby forest, and two days later, they found the huge reptile lying in a clearing.

As in this last instance, horrified locals noticed a large lump in the animal’s stomach, and their worst fears were confirmed when they opened it to find Zahra.

The villagers removed the body of the woman from the python and conducted religious worship.

The python feeds mainly on rodents, fish and other reptiles, although larger specimens prey on monkeys, deer, wild boars and even leopards.

Although not common, some pythons will attack and devour an adult male or female, as has sometimes happened in Indonesia.