September 29, 2023

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They hope that the law on debt ceiling will come out

They hope that the law on debt ceiling will come out

Debate ceiling proposals from Republicans and Democrats will be debated this Wednesday. And the Speaker of the House of Representatives was optimistic.

America is trying to solve its debt ceiling problem A legal limit established by the US Congress The issue of financing their expenses, and Expected this Thursday June 1 An important date in that sense. Democrats and Republicans must reach an agreement this Wednesday, when the two-department proposal will be voted on. Although the process for this will be difficult, it seems that an agreement will be reached.

“He A bipartisan debt ceiling bill is law“U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday, hours before a much-anticipated vote on the measure.

If approved, it will go to the Senate for a vote. “It will become law,” McCarthy told reporters.

Analysts point out that the United States in that event defaultThis would be a completely disruptive event of great power, but it has a very low probability of happening.

There are several intermediate exits before this. can Extend the roof temporarily A financial package can be produced, coins can be printed and it ends up being issued, titles can be issued without capital.

It looks like it will be temporarily extended for a few months.

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