June 1, 2023

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They were from Argentina and lived a dream at the airport and upon arrival at their accommodation in Norway: “It’s not!”

It was the worst travel day of our lives”, is how a young Argentinian woman described her adventure after arriving in Oslo Enjoy a vacation with a friend. Their enthusiasm for learning about Norway decreased as various obstacles appeared. First his suitcase, then his passport, then the problem with their reservation. The girl recorded her odyssey and it went viral.

Bianca Cesanelli, As she identifies herself on TikTok, she has over 74,000 followers and continues to entertain them with stories about her life in London and her travels in Europe. However, in his most recent clips, his fortunes and those of his partner Mardu have taken a complete turn. “It all started when we arrived at the airport”, and Tiktogar also pointed out.

In the recording, a couple of friends walk through the streets of the city. Although it was already too late, both told their experience. At first, they said they went through the bag control process at London Airport “quietly”. All was going well until immigration officials confiscated Martu’s bag for an hour, causing them to miss their flight to Oslo. “She had nothing and I don’t know why they stopped her”, lamented the young woman.

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Some young Argentinian women go on vacation to Oslo and experience unfortunate events

On the next flight, they had no problem. Once they landed in the city, they took a bus to the center Check in The place they booked. It was then that another problem arose: one of them couldn’t find his passport.

Martu searched his belongings without finding his document. The couple returned to the still parked bus to check he was gone. Both searched desperately until they found the passport. “The hidden corner” they revealed in the video. When everything seems to be in order, They continued on their way to their accommodation.

Argentinian friends who arrived at the rented place were disappointed. After following the instructions, they realized they had been cheated. “Never was!”, noted TikToker. “We walked for 20 minutes, we got to the site, and we knocked on a door. It was the address it said, but it wasn’t. The Composer He didn’t answer the phone number and it didn’t”.

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Young women were cheated on in Norway

Blanca and Martu confirmed their suspicions when they knocked on a neighbor’s door, who said there were no accommodations in the area, so they had to contact the company they had booked with. When he tried to tell them the solution, the call was disconnected.

On a second attempt, the counselor finally managed to get them both a new accommodation. “I was already scared, but we’re going to show them”, revealed the creator of the clip. Although the girls had to wait a few minutes outside for their arrival, they successfully checked in and spent the night safely watching movies. “We did it!They finished.

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In the end, the Argentinians were able to enjoy their vacation in Oslo

In the comments, the virtual community spoke up to make some observations about the importance of reviewing data on accommodations on sites. Others He praised the young Argentine who never gave up And solve everything. “You should always investigate. Europe’s main scam rental”; “Scam, but in Norway”; “It happened to me in Rome. They never came”; “It’s got a lot going on,” fans said.

In 2022, the National Fraud and Cybercrime Reporting Center in the United Kingdom Holiday booking scams in Europe have increased by 120% over the previous year, The portal reported Schofields Insurance.


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