December 1, 2023

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This is the K5, a New York patrolling police robot

This is the K5, a New York patrolling police robot
Mayor Eric Adams hopes a mechanical police officer will help fight crime in the Big Apple. (Twitter: @NYCMayor)

NY It promises to revolutionize public safety ‘K5’A police robot is considered a valuable tool that promises to ensure compliance with laws in a subway station. Times SquareThe city’s busiest underground location.

Weighing over 180 kg and standing approximately 1.63 meters tall, the future police officer was presented by the mayor. Eric AdamsTogether with representatives of the New York Police Department (NYPD), they hope the results will benefit the Big Apple.

This mechanical giant is manufactured by Nightscope, which describes itself as a “fully autonomous outdoor security robot.” To date, these types of models have worked in airports, casinos, hospitals and shopping centers.

Defense of the subway station Times Square It’s a new challenge’K5′, but the mechanized agency has characteristics that support it in its work. The robot has four cameras that can record high-definition and 360-degree videos, which can help fight crime. Additionally, apart from connecting to Metro’s Wi-Fi network, there is a button to ask for help.

However, it reportedly does not use facial recognition and does not record audio, even though it is accompanied by an NYPD agent during the midnight to 6 a.m. shift.

Adams noted the visit.K5′ As an economical option, its rental cost is around 9 dollars per hour. Earlier, the mayor of New York asked city agencies to cut 5% of their budgets. “(Investment in robots) is below the minimum wage. There are no breaks to go to the bathroom or to eat,” the commission declared.

Likewise, New York City Transit President Richard A. Davey said 4 million passengers used the subway. Times Square Every day from Tuesday to Thursday, a weekly record for more than 3 years, which indicates the resumption of traffic in the area after the epidemic period. So the mayor says using technology to help law enforcement is a better alternative to fulfilling his promise to reduce crime in the Big Apple.

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Advocates of privacy rights NY They are reluctant to activate the police robot and the measures used by Adams ensure that he is disconnected from reality in the city.

In May, the Legal Aid Society asked the NYPD’s inspector general to investigate the use of surveillance technology, which it said violated the Surveillance Technology General Oversight Act. It’s an executive order that exposes how they use technologies and what kind of data they collect. .

Albert Fox, head of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Program, voiced Kahn’s fears.K5′, and ultimately, apply facial recognition technology to citizens.

“If the mayor thinks there aren’t enough cameras in Times Square, he’s more out of touch than he thinks. It’s an observation theatre,” Khan said.