February 22, 2024

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This popular beauty item landed my dog ​​in the hospital, and I had no idea I was putting her in danger

This popular beauty item landed my dog ​​in the hospital, and I had no idea I was putting her in danger


This dog was completely on a leash.

A family were horrified to learn their beloved puppy had swallowed more than 50 elastic hair ties, requiring surgery to remove them.

Owner Victoria Northwood, 50, told South West News Service: “We knew she would chew and swallow the hair ties sometimes when she came out the other end.”

“But we were horrified when we realized that there were a lot of people lodged in her belly, so we will definitely be more vigilant from now on!”

When Ham, a 2-year-old pug, wasn't her usual self during a vacation last month, the Northwood, UK resident knew something was wrong.

Ham, named after English soccer team West Ham United, would normally spend her days barking at passers-by outside the window, but she became suspiciously quiet, prompting a visit to the vet.

A beloved dog named Ham has swallowed dozens of elastic hair ties. Victoria Northwood/SWNS
X-rays revealed an estimated 50 to 60 hair bands found in the poor pup's stomach. Newton Clark Veterinary Surgeons/SWNS

Northwood was “not prepared” for the huge number of rubber hairs a surgeon would extract from Hamm’s abdomen after doctors saw something “strange” in her stomach.

They were quite surprised that an estimated 50 to 60 hair ties were pulled from poor Ham.

Fortunately, the dog has bounced back and is 'causing mischief in the house' once again – although her owners have crossed their fingers, she won't be consuming any more hair ties.

“We're monitoring it very closely from now on,” Northwood said. “It's a relief that she's okay!”

The invasive mound required surgery to extract it. Newton Clark Veterinary Surgeons/SWNS
The owners were notified when the two-year-old bitch wasn't her usual self during a holiday last month. Newton Clark Veterinary Surgeons/SWNS
Fortunately, the usually active dog recovers well and is “causing mischief in the house” again. Victoria Northwood/SWNS

Canines tend to swallow common household items and require emergency measures — take Molly's Bernedoodle, who choked on a bundle of socks, or the French bulldog who gobbled up nearly a dozen rubber ducks last year.

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But some dogs have escaped their harmful snacks unscathed, at the expense of their owners.

Earlier this month, a bewildered couple had to sift through their pet's feces to retrieve small pieces of dollar bills, after their dog snacked on $4,000 in cash.

Meanwhile, a nasty dog ​​residing in Boston chewed up his owners' passports just days before their wedding.

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