February 27, 2024

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Three Japanese shipping companies will change the routes of their ships to avoid Houthi attacks in the Red Sea

Three Japanese shipping companies will change the routes of their ships to avoid Houthi attacks in the Red Sea
Japanese shipping companies to reroute their ships to avoid Houthi attacks in Red Sea (REUTERS/FILE)

Major Japanese shipping companies They have decided Change lanes Avoid their ships Red Sea And thus increasingly often Houthi attacksIt seeks to prevent related vessels Israel Travel along its shores.

This was announced by the Japanese public broadcaster on Monday NHKCompanies Nippon Yusen (NYK line), Mitsui OSK And Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (Q line), the three major Japanese shipping companies, are already changing course Freight to and from Europe to avoid Red Sea Thus avoid becoming a target of these groups.

Shipping companies, as well as container shipping company Ocean Network ExpressWorking together, are diverted Their ships were on their way to South AfricaAll around them Cape of Good HopeAlthough Narrow waterway What CONNECT Asia with Europe Is he Suez CanalIt passes Red Sea.

The The result will come after hours That him US Department of Defense He announced that it was a chemical tanker Japanese property (The bearer of the flag Liberia and operated by a corporation Dutch) out Attacked on Saturday It contains Indian Ocean A drone has apparently been around Iran.

Three major Japanese shipping companies, Nippon Yusen (NYK Line), Mitsui OSK and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (K Line) are already rerouting their cargo ships to and from Europe (REUTERS/FILE)

This attack a Fire but no injuries Of its 21 employees, 20 Indians and A Vietnamese.

The ship has departed Saudi Arabia Last Tuesday and was on its way to an Indian port When Mangalore was attackedBut the decision to divert Mumbai to be submitted Repair and damage assessment with the help of Indian Coast GuardAccording to a Japanese news agency Kyoto.

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According to American mediaMay have links with Israel.

The Changes in routes of Cargo ships create anxiety about potential Shipping delays Charge and Cost increases Transportation.

The Recent increase in attacks Launched from Yemeni territory, this includes smuggling of vessels, which puts it under control World Business In critical path of Red Sea And Arabian Sea.

Houthi attacks off Yemen coast create changes in sea lanes (REUTERS/FILE)

AmericaThe European unionThe NATO and other countries condemned in a statement last week Houthi rebels attack It contains Red Sea.

The report is also signed Australia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Japan, Liberia, South Korea, Singapore And Yemen. total, 44 countries are mentioned in the note.

“The undersigned condemn Houthi intervention In Navigation rights and freedoms in the surrounding water In the Arabian PeninsulaSpecifically Red SeaThey said in a statement.

attacks”Threatens international trade And this Maritime security“, the signatories said, “all States requested to abstain facilitate or encourage to the Houthis.”

“Even that behavior threatens movement Food, fuel, humanitarian aid and other basic supplies for places and populations around the world (…) There is no justification “These attacks affect many countries beyond the flags these ships fly,” they stressed.

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