April 13, 2024

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Today’s Ephemeris: Happened on December 18 | Events in Argentina and around the world

Today’s Ephemeris: Happened on December 18 |  Events in Argentina and around the world

In Ephemeris of December 18 These events that happened on a day like today in Argentina and around the world stand out:

1892. It opens The Nutcracker

In St. Petersburg, First scenes of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky One of the most famous works in music history associated with Christmas is: Ballet The Nutcracker.

1943. Keith Richards is born

Keith Richards Born in Dartford, England. Guitarist member The Rolling Stones Since its foundation, in 1962. Although he recorded three solo albums, his entire discography was with the legendary British band. He was the first Stone to play in Argentina, three years before the group’s first visit. It happened in 1992 at the Vélez stadium.

1946. Steven Spielberg is born

One of the most famous filmmakers in history: Steven Spielberg was born in Cincinnati. The era of big box office hits began in 1975 SharkIt was followed Close the third type of meetings. He created and directed the Indiana Jones saga ET Y Jurassic Park, among other tanks. He won an Oscar for it Schindler’s List Y Saves Private Ryan.

1975. Foundation of APDH

The Permanent Council on Human Rights was established. APDH, one of the leading organizations in the country, was formed three months before the military coup. Its founders include Raul Alfonsin, Alfredo Bravo, Alicia More de Justo, Jaime de Nevares, Raul Aragon and Carlos Cattinoni..

1975. Rise in the Air Force

A mutiny breaks out in the Air Force. Brigadier Jesus Cappellini did not know the authority of Hector Foutario, the head of the weapon. The objective of the uprising was to cut off the air leadership and achieve a leadership that would succumb to the conspiracies of the army and navy. The uprising included military planes flying over the Plaza de Mayo and a clash at Moron Air Base, the epicenter of the uprising. The crisis is resolved without deaths Departure of Brigadier Foutario on 22 December. Orlando Ramon Agosti became the new leader of the pilots and with him the names of the military junta of March 1976 were defined..

1983. The Origins of Race

Get into the race. It was the second best team to lose the division, following San Lorenzo in 1981. Avellaneda’s side were beaten 4–3 by Racing de Córdoba and relegation was complete. Four days later, they would lose to their arch-rival Independiente, the Metropolitan champions.

2011. Vaclav Havel dies

At the age of 75 Vaclav Havel, Czech playwright and politician, dies. He was part of the Prague Spring, the opening in 1968 that was crushed by Soviet tanks. He came to power in Czechoslovakia with the fall of communism. He was the first President of the Czech Republic in 1993.. He was the state president till 2003.

2017. The push for pension reform

Violence at Congress Square During the treatment of the pension reform promoted by the government of Mauricio Macri. There were more than 60 prisoners and protests were held at night. Government approved Change in formula for calculation of pension.

Except, that’s it International Migrants Day And this International Arabic Language Day.

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