June 9, 2023

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Tom Hanks on Artificial Intelligence Making It Possible to Continue to Appear in Movies Even After Death – Deadline

Tom Hanks talks about the artificial intelligence technology that will likely allow him to continue appearing in new films even after his death.

“What is the real possibility now, if you will, [is] I could get together and do a series of seven films that I would star in, where I’ll be 32 between now until Kingdom Comes on,” Hanks said while being interviewed. Adam Buxton’s podcast.

Hanks added, “Anyone can now recreate themselves at any age via artificial intelligence or deep fake technology… I could be hit by a bus tomorrow and that’s it, but my performance can go on and on.”

“Beyond the understanding that artificial intelligence has been implemented or deepfakes, there will be no telling you that it is not just me, and it will have some degree of factual quality.”

Hanks, who is back with forrest gump Director Robert Zemeckis for the movie here, You will most likely use the project’s AI technology to eliminate it. The actor pondered whether audiences would care if artificial intelligence was used in films.

As technology advances, Hanks says Hollywood agents are already making contracts to protect actors.

“I can tell you there is [are] Discussions are ongoing at all unions, all agencies, all law firms in order to come up with legal ramifications for my face, my voice, and everyone else that is our intellectual property,” he said.

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