January 30, 2023

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Travel news: The world’s largest passenger plane has just gone green

Travel news: The world's largest passenger plane has just gone green
(CNN) – Unleash the Elves, December is here. Start the countdown to the holidays with our roundup of 15 luxury hotel go-tos All at Christmas Then read about it advent of tradition around the world.

Here are the rest of CNN Travel’s biggest stories from this week.

The future of transportation

Airbus announced on November 30 that it was developing an aircraft Hydrogen fuel cell engine which it plans to test on the A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner. Test flights are planned for 2026.
And in other transportation innovations, the XPeng flying car It completed its first public test flight in Dubai in October. The two-passenger all-electric vehicle launches vertically without the need for a runway, and is therefore suitable for urban built-up areas.
Down at ground level, lightweight small cars The future of driving may be in the city, as countries around the world take steps to clear their streets of heavy traffic and pollution.

Wild world

You’ve been waiting ages for a photography contest that showcases amazing images of wildlife and nature from around the world, and then two pictures come along at once.

More in the mood for a tree frog, hermit crab, and tiger battle against the deadly Stenbok? Then check out the winners British Environmental Society Photography contest.

Hawaii highlight

Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the world’s largest active volcano, is still spewing lava after erupting for the first time nearly 40 years ago. Here’s why Volcanic ash Dangerous to aircraft.
Former flight attendant Gwendolyn Brune, 94, flew with Hawaiian Airlines in the 1940s, years before Hawaii became a US state. over here her memories Stars in attendance including Jimmy Stewart and swimmer Esther Williams.
Hawaii has long been one of Japan’s favorite vacation destinations. The reason for its enduring appeal is what the Japanese call “iayashi,” meaning “healing” or “rest.” Here is the story of that love relationship.

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Spotlight on Saudi Arabia

Footage captured by drones in the Saudi desert revealed a huge fish-shaped boulder sticking out of the sand. Photographer Khaled Al-Enezi took a photo Unique aerial perspective.
And in “other Saudi things that look like marine life but aren’t,” a design firm hopes to make an $8 billion giant turtle-shaped boat that could become The largest floating structure ever built.

Travel around the world in an ambulance

Journeys in ambulances are usually uncomfortable and leisurely, but for British couple, Lawrence Doody and Rachel Nixon, the former private ambulance is their own. Favorite car for a trip around the world.

In case you missed it yourself

The world’s most expensive cities for 2022 have been named, and there’s a link at the top.

One in the United States and the other in Asia. scan the full list over here.

When a country has 17,500 islands, 38 provinces, and 700 dialects, you’d better believe its cuisine is diverse.

Personnel shortages in the airline industry affect one group of travelers the most.

Baguette has been granted UNESCO protection.

Buckle up

Each week we highlight a traveler who has had a run-in with the law, and this time it’s Odell Beckham Jr’s turn. He was an NFL star Removed from a trip to Miami Police said on November 27 after refusing to comply with safety protocol.
Beckham Jr. didn’t take any chances when he went on tour on Dec. 1 Instagram A story from a private jet, saying “not today” and “go back to normal”.

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I got the juice

You can save a lot of luggage space – and less weight to carry – if you replace the separate bulky laptop, tablet and smartphone with a compact, powerful, energy-efficient GaN charger that can be used with all three.

Our partners at CNN Underscored, a CNN-owned product reviews and recommendations guide, have a guide for The best GaN chargers Around.