June 6, 2023

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Travis Parker’s crazed fan is caught, and the car crashes through the house’s security gate


Travis Parker

Crazy fan rams a car through the security gate…

Try to meet the drummer

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3:34 p.m. PT – Law enforcement sources tell us the woman believed she was talking to Parker on social media, and the person behind the account told her to come and visit… The only problem, it wasn’t really Travis. The woman was booked for trespassing.

A spooky situation has just been revealed outside of Blink-182 drummer Blink-182 Travis ParkerHis house… after a crazed fan desperate to meet him drove her car through the security gate in his neighborhood.

Sources close to Travis tell TMZ that the woman made multiple attempts to get into the star’s gated Los Angeles neighborhood on Friday. We were told she tried at least 4 times to come in, but was refused each time. Finally, on the fifth attempt, she took matters into her own hands… driving through the security gate.

From there, our sources say Travis’ private security intercepted the woman and held her until the police arrived. Law enforcement sources tell us the woman has been arrested.

Lucky for Travis, he wasn’t home when it all happened. In fact, we’re told he’s been rehearsing with Blink for the band Huge gig addresses He’s at Coachella coming up this Sunday, and was actually on his way home when it all went down.

Our sources tell us that Travis’ security team told him to stay put while they took everything under control. He plans to obtain a restraining order against the woman.


As for the whole Coachella thing…blink I killed her During Week 1 of the festival, it was tapped to fill in Frank OceanThe vacant spot next weekend for what promises to be a great show.

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