February 24, 2024

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UK steps up its provocations on Malvinas and government looks the other way | “Argentine airspace is a sieve,” the ex-combatants' center warned

UK steps up its provocations on Malvinas and government looks the other way |  “Argentine airspace is a sieve,” the ex-combatants' center warned

As Argentina's claim to sovereignty over the Malvinas disappeared from the official agenda, British provocations mounted. Last week a radical senator condemned the passage of an illegal Falklands-flagged ship through Argentine waters. On Tuesday, military exercises began on the seized islands, which Fijian Governor Gustavo Melella condemned as an “unnecessary provocation” and a “threat” to the region. On Thursday, a private plane from Pacific Ocean SA left San Fernando Airport for the islands, for unknown reasons and with an unknown crew. “Delivery is in progress. “Argentine airspace is a sieve,” warned the Center of Ex-Combatants of La Plata (CECIM), which denounced the government as “not controlling, and worse, not making any claims in this regard.”

The nationalist brand of Vice President Victoria Villarreal, who knew how to craft her image as the descendant of a former Malvinas fighter, was diluted faster than the positive image of the libertarian government. After a brief meeting between Javier Milei and David Cameron at the Davos Forum, according to the Foreign Office, the British president acknowledged his refusal to resolve the Malvinas issue, Río Grande's mayor Martín Pérez said, “We are ahead of a demalvinization process similar to the 2015-2019 period” and of the Foradori-Duncan Agreement. It warned of the UK's interest in reclaiming the “roadmap”, which undermined the political and diplomatic tools amid Marxism to enhance sovereign rights.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, military exercises were carried out on Mount Williams and Cerro Sabador, involving infantry companies, sophisticated fighter jets and the patrol ship HMS Forth, the British Ministry of Defense said. “This renewed British provocation is a direct threat to Argentina, to its right to live in peace and to international security, as it equally affects all the countries that make up the geographical scope of the Zone of Peace and Cooperation of the South Atlantic (ZPCSA)”, condemned Andrés Tachari, Secretary of International Affairs of the Malvinas and Tierra del Fuego. The government led by Gustavo Melella condemned the maneuvers before the 23 nations that make up the space and reiterated its willingness to work with our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “promote this initiative and put an end to one of the least effective consequences of colonialism.” We are suffering in our province.” , he highlighted.

CECIM later condemned that, through their military exercises, “the British are violating the United Nations resolution establishing the South Atlantic as a zone of peace and cooperation”. He regretted that “the government of Javier Millay and his president, Diana Mondino, have not issued any statement regarding this violation of Argentine sovereignty,” and recalled that the national constitution recognizes “legitimate and inalienable sovereignty” over the islands and establishes their recovery. “The permanent and inevitable goal of the Argentine people.”

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The association of ex-combatants from La Plata added, “Apparently they have turned off all radars and no one has detected aircraft from continental territory that would allow the RAF from neighboring countries such as the Malvinas and Uruguay (read British Air Force. ) flights with the final destination to the NATO fortress of Monte Acretable. “To exercise simple control. You don't have to have a lot of technical resources. We can confirm these phantom flights for the national government with just an application, which does not control and worse, does not make any claim in this regard,” CECIM questioned.

As an example, he mentioned the flight of private Bombardier Largejet aircraft registration LV-GQR of Pacific Ocean SA that took off from San Fernando Airport on Thursday; another of the RAF, which took off the same day from Montevideo; And “illegal flights in violation of the Zone of Peace and Cooperation in the South Atlantic from the Bryce Norton RAF base in England, the most important logistics base for sending goods threatening the peace of Argentina.”

Neither the criticism nor the continued provocations that followed the photo between Miley & Cameron produced the slightest response from President Mondino. Nor from the former Macrista official he appointed on January 11 Malvinas, Antarctica, Ocean Policy and South Atlantic SecretaryPaola Di Chiaro, whose voice and whereabouts are unknown.