November 30, 2022

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Ukraine punishes first Russian soldier | A Kiev court has charged him with war crimes.

Ukraine condemned on Monday Life sentence To the first Russian soldier For war crimes, in a statement Russia constantly attacking DonbassHis troops did not make much progress in their attempt to overthrow Chevroletonetsk, the administrative center of the Lugansk region.

Of Vadim ShishimirOn February 21, 28, an unarmed citizen confessed to dying on a bicycle while talking on the phone in Subakivka, in the Sumi region of northeastern Ukraine.

Solomiansky District Court in Kiev Pleaded guilty With regard to the mistreatment or death of prisoners of war or civilians under Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

It considers that the soldier committed premeditated murder and used the maximum sentence given for this charge.

The prosecutor demanded his release and charged with removing the continuing circumstances. He promised that he would act in accordance with his client’s orders, although these implicitly admitted to committing “crime”.

According to his account of what happened, the soldier shot and killed a citizen after receiving an order to do so and under the threat of a high official.

The prosecution argued that the soldier was fully aware of his actions and acted accordingly.

The Kremlin promised to look for options to help SipakBut he acknowledged that much could not be done “on the spot” in Ukraine.

So far the UN Nearly 4,000 civilians died in the war Russian in Ukraine, this Tuesday There will be three months.

In the Kharkov region alone, emergency services have rescued 63 bodies while eastern Ukraine and Ukrainian troops have liberated 24 cities, according to the UkrainianForm Agency, which says 500 buildings can no longer be rebuilt.

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Also, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said that 87 people were killed in a Russian attack last week on the city of Tesna in the northern Chernikov region.

Burnt Earth Trick

Russia seeks “burned-out” tactics almost everywhere, but especially in Severdonetsk and Bakmut, as they did in Bopasna and Mariupol, said Ukrainian Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Motsiyanik.

“They are destroying territory with aircraft and artillery so that their troops can enter later,” he said.

“We have a difficult situation because the Russian army is doing everything possible to capture the Lukansk region,” said Governor Sergei Kaitoy.

In particular, the Russians are advancing in the direction of the administrative center of the province, Chevroletonetsk, where there were more than 106,500 civilians before the war, and now there are only 10,000, he said.