May 22, 2024

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Ukrainian army confirms it managed to stop Russian advance in Kharkiv: “situation is critical”

Ukrainian army confirms it managed to stop Russian advance in Kharkiv: “situation is critical”
The Ukrainian military confirmed it had managed to halt the Russian advance in Kharkiv: “The situation remains critical” (REUTERS/Vyacheslav Madiyevskyy)

He Ukrainian army He said it was stopped this Thursday Russian “turnaround” In some parts of the region KharkovIn the northeast of the country, Moscow finally launched a new ground offensive May 10 and was able to conquer new territories.

“The situation in that area Kharkov It is complex and dynamically evolving. Our defense forces stabilized the situation to some extent and prevented the enemy’s advance in some areas and localities.“, the region’s military spokesman told TV. Nasser Voloshin.

However, the Russian military is “trying to create the conditions to advance again,” the spokesman said.

In the city VovsanskVoloshin said Ukrainian forces were “combing buildings” in the north of the city, which had 18,000 residents before the invasion and is the main one Moscow is now trying to occupy.

The Ukrainian army is trying to “stabilize the situation, inflict damage and prevent the enemy from settling. Several Ukrainian counterattacks are underway. A military spokesman said.

Popular Ukrainian military blogger Yuri ButusovFor his part, half a million people continued to say, “The Russian offensive in the north of the Kharkiv region has practically stopped.”

According to Nasser Voloshin, the region’s military spokesman, Russian forces are “trying to create conditions for further advances” (EFE/EPA/SERGEI KOZLOV 52508)

The Russian assault groups have suffered losses, but have not yet been destroyed, and the fighting continues” he added on Facebook on Wednesday night.

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According to the regional governor Oleg Sinekupov8,779 people were evacuated. 15 people were injured in separate bombings in this part of northeastern Ukraine.

According to kyiv public servantsUkrainian units work with intelligence to identify artillery positions and detect Russian combat groups operating separately.

Ukrainian fire inflicts damage on the enemy to prevent them from accumulating troops and equipment north of the city. VovsanskIts success is one of Russia’s priorities on this new front opened by its troops on Friday.

According to Ukrainian civil servants, Kiev forces are guarding the municipality – the most important in the border region – and are keeping buildings in the northern part under fire control with their artillery and drones in search of Russian infiltrators as Russia is massing troops and equipment.

A Ukrainian report said Friday that there had been 615 Russian casualties since the offensive began, including that Russia may have damaged 100 units of military equipment.

Meanwhile, the President NATO Military GroupRob Bauer pledged on Thursday that “it is not too late” to help Ukraine and urged allies to prioritize aid to Kyiv at this critical juncture in meeting NATO’s capacity objectives.

According to Kiev civil servants, Ukrainian units in the area are working with intelligence to identify artillery positions and detect Russian combat groups operating separately (REUTERS)

It is not too late for Ukraine to win. Ukrainian independence cannot, must not, will not die. Also, allies should support Ukraine if faced with a choice between meeting NATO capability goals or supporting Ukraine. Stocks can and will be replenished. “Lives lost are lost forever,” Bauer said at the start of the council meeting. Coalition Army Group.

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Members of the NATO military group are due to hold a meeting this Thursday Ukrainian military leaders In the new format of the NATO Ukraine Council, via a secure line to report on the current situation in Ukraine.

Together we will discuss our continued support for Ukraine in this great struggle“At a time when Russia is trying to enter the fray by opening up a new front for Ukrainian forces, Bauer said. KharkovIn other areas the security is weakened and with the intention of advancing.

“Today is the 813th day of what Russia thought was the Three Day War. Ukraine has demonstrated to the world that it has the ability to achieve unprecedented success on the battlefield. There is nothing they cannot do. All they need is our help,” the head of the coalition military group noted.

(With information from EFE and AFP)