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Brighton Journal | 20th October 2019

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Valley Gardens green spaces are now closed

Valley Gardens green spaces are now closed
Hannah Midgley

The green spaces in the Valley Gardens area are now fenced off while the works are being carried out.

The works are part of the Valley Gardens project, a scheme aiming to create more green spaces in the city, encouraging alternative modes of transport and improving the city’s connectivity.

Parts of the projects, originally started in September 2018, include installing new ducting and new lighting columns along brand new pathways.

The gardens will be turned fallow to let the soil get its nutrients back and become fertile again. Decompaction will then take place, which will improve water flow, aeration and root growth.

In total, 152 trees as well as shrubs and grasses will be planted in the gardens as a way to improve the current landscape.

CityParks team removed all plants that were situated in the parks and relocated them in other parts of the city, or used them in their community gardens.

It has been reported that no trees are going to be removed as a result of the works carried out, unless the trees are situated in an unsuitable location for them, or they are diseases or dying.

You can read more about the Valley Gardens project on the council’s website.

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