September 27, 2023

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Veteran racers are launching a script aimed at addressing their declining market

Veteran racers are launching a script aimed at addressing their declining market

Their NFL debuts are finally starting to look together.

According to a league source, the veteran runners organized a group text series, during which they mused about the current market in the position — and brainstormed regarding strategies to improve the situation.

From Monday, the plan of action was to file a complaint about the situation on social media. which some of them did.

While this alone will do nothing, it is important for the wheel to squeak as loudly as possible. They must hear. They need to get the media to make the case for them. They need to convince fans to understand the situation.

Ultimately, they need the league and the NFL Players Association to recognize and fix the problem.

This is the real question. What does it take to get the NFL and NFLPA to prioritize a situation? to solve it?

We’ve mentioned plenty of potential ideas in recent months, from shortening the path to free agency to streaming fund payments league-wide based on yardage and touchdowns. None of that happens until someone in a position to change the status quo begins the process of doing so.

Will anyone do it? What will it take? What can appearance do?

Ideally, the group will designate a leader who will gather information, identify options, make recommendations, and encourage the group to accept—and act upon—the proposed plan of action.

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