June 22, 2024

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Video of Javier Milei being attacked by a dog

Video of Javier Milei being attacked by a dog

The President is known to be an animal lover. Aside from referring to his dogs as “four-legged babies,” he never misses an opportunity to congratulate a dog, though this time it almost went wrong.

During his stay in El Salvador, after his tour of the United States, Miley attended Bugel’s inauguration and held a meeting with Salvadorans.

Javier Milei shared a false survey about America, and the consulting firm denied it

After the President Javier M On their social networks shared a survey of their number conducted in the United States, but the consulting firm call up He denied it and came out.

The Argentine president shared a screenshot of a message citing a poll: “Gallup poll: 84% of US citizens prefer Javier Mili for president over Trump or Biden”He further said: “Neighborhood phenomenon. Long live freedom.”

But as CORTA discovered, the news the president cited did not appear anywhere on the Internet, nor did the supposed Gallup poll. In this sense, the spokesperson of the President could not provide details about the shared publication.

In this context, the same digital media asked an American pollster about the veracity of the publication, to which they replied: “Gallup Doesn’t Poll Americans About Argentina President.”


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