October 3, 2023

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Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron in a New War Conversation | The Russian president has called for an end to the supply of weapons to kyiv

Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron in a New War Conversation |  The Russian president has called for an end to the supply of weapons to kyiv

Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron spoke on the phone Conflict between Russia and Ukraine 69 days after the invasion of the Kremlin troops. The Russian head of state reiterated his demand that Western countries stop supplying arms to Kyiv. Meanwhile, French President Mariupol and Azovstel called for allowing evictions at Steelworks.

In the new conversation about the war, the leaders exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine. Putin told Macron of the progress of the so-called special military operation for the protection of the Donbass republics, as well as the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstale plant, as agreed by Mariupol Liberation and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. On April 26, when he visited Moscow. Putin also congratulated the French president on taking office for the second time this Saturday.

The Russian president spoke about the main focus of the talks with the Ukrainian side. “In particular, Russia remains open to dialogue, despite Q’s instability and unwillingness to work hard,” the Kremlin said in a statement.

Putin also told Macron that the European Union (EU) was not accountable for the war crimes committed by kyiv forces.EU member states ignore war crimes committed by Ukrainian forces And a massive shelling of cities and towns in Donbass killed peaceful civilians, “said a statement from Russia’s TASS news agency. “Western nations can help put an end to these crimes by pressuring the authorities in Kiev and stopping the supply of arms to Ukraine.” As the Kremlin noted.

Macron expressed concern about the problems in ensuring global food security. Meanwhile, the Russian government pointed out that this was in response to Western sanctions and stressed the importance of working without any barriers to logistics and transport infrastructure.

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Macron has asked Putin to help continue the process of evacuating the steel plant in Mariupol. “He expressed deep concern over the situation in Mariupol and Donbass, and called on Russia to allow the evacuation of the Azovstale plant to continue. Launched in recent days in conjunction with humanitarian organizations, “the Elysee Palace said in a statement.

He expressed his desire to create the conditions for “a negotiated settlement that guarantees peace and full respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Macron reiterated his call for a ceasefire In Ukraine, occupied by Russia on February 24.

On the other hand, the French head of state insisted Given the consequences of the war on world food security, it is ready to work with competent international organizations to lift the Russian embargo on Ukrainian food exports. Across the Black Sea.

Attacks and expulsions

While in the territory of Ukraine, Russia is advancing in the territories of the Donbass. According to Ukrainian civil servants, the Russian military “wants to take full control of the cities.” Bopasna and Rubizne, Inside LuganskAnd move towards Lyman and Sloviansk“, Two cities Donetsk.

On the other hand, the Deputy Commander Ukrainian Azov Battalion, Svyatoslay PalamarRussia promised to launch a major offensive against Azovstel Steelworks. Russian Defense Ministry accuses Ukrainian militants of using ceasefire – orders evacuation “Take shooting positions in the region and factory buildings”. In this sense, he confirmed that the Moscow army had launched an offensive with artillery and aircraft to destroy these “firing positions”.

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Meanwhile, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine, Osnad LubraniHe said 127 civilians were evacuated from the port city (Of which 101 were expelled from the steel industry) and arrived in another part of the city controlled by Moscow. Zaporizhia. Still in the hands of the Ukrainian military.