February 22, 2024

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Warzone pro is offering insane loot cache rotation for quick cash and gear

Warzone pro is offering insane loot cache rotation for quick cash and gear
Jacob Hale

When you land in Urzikstan, whether off the plane or mid-game, your focus will likely be on collecting money and finding the best ground loot weapons. This is where loot caches in Warzone can be incredibly useful.

Loot caches were introduced to Call of Duty Battle Royale in the farm when Warzone 2 first launched, with players able to quickly open them to pick up cash and high-level ground loot weapons, among other things, providing a lifeline if you're ever… You find yourself in a perilous situation.

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It's been moved to Urzikstan and with Modern Warfare 3's integration into Warzone, and as with the farm, there are some great rotations you can make between loot caches that are close together to get the game started easily.

Although there are many high-density loot stash locations spread throughout Urzikstan, Warzone pro Warsz It showed a central location, so it should be available often, with three caches that also lead directly to a regular purchasing station.

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Warsz reveals high turnover of loot cache

As Warsz explains here, you can land on the side of the river between the Old Town and the outskirts of Zaravan to find one loot cache, before heading south a little to another, then a little southeast for a third and final loot cache.

This should leave you close to at least one nearby purchase station, though you can also find drop-drop markers and portable purchase stations in these caches, which makes things easier.

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Obviously, this may not always be possible to complete, especially if other players open the cache or if the circuit doesn't allow it, but more often than not, this can be a huge game-changer for you.