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West Ham – Manchester City: English Premier League – live! | Premier League

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46 minutes We go again!

A great line from Graham Potter about whether a stomach bug kept Welbeck away. “No. He was going to put the toilet on his ass to play.”

– Simon Stone (@sistoney67) August 7, 2022

Half time email: “This mistake by Cancelo on Bowen clearly shows the inconsistency in the judging,” says Keith Sanderson. “Tierney (and Farr) saw nothing wrong with such a challenge in the previous game. We’re only in the first week, should we really struggle with this crap for the rest of the season? What’s going to happen? Nothing. VAR technology has to be taken out of PGMOL’s hands and it should be There’s a trial with a panel of three former professionals, for example.”

I don’t know: we can expect consistency in the same game, but the way the laws are worded, we can’t expect it across different laws because there is room for different interpretations – as it is, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I also wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the video reference at Old Trafford thought Martinez had Welbeck wrong, but decided he had no room for the referee’s recommendation to take another look. In the end, I doubt many fell in love with the game because it’s a foolproof decision-making process, and I would never count on three ex-pros to do a better job than our professional administrators.

Half time reading:

Half time: West Ham United 0-1 Manchester City

Both teams could play much better than that, but City’s lower level is disgustingly high which is why they are up front.

45 + 3 minutes Weak free kick headed by the man closest to her.

45 + 2 minutes But take a look! West Ham move the ball down the right and a quick challenge from Cancelo on Bowen earns the former a warning and allows the latter to stick a ball in the penalty area…

45 minutes There will be four minutes added.

45 minutes More city possession. That’s excellent stuff from them, effectively excluding West Ham from the game knowing they’re going to make a point at some point. However, they can play much better than this; It will take something very important to stop them from winning their third title of the round.

44 minutes Marginally again from West Ham, Fornals advanced down the left before crossing for City to give up.

43 minutes something From West Ham, Lanzini slipped to Bowen on the right, but just as he seemed to have some space, Aki came to get sent off, winning with a goal kick as well.

41 minutes This dayglo City set is no different from the ones they were wearing when

Trevor from Easter
Paul Dickoff changed the face of football at Wembley in 1999.

Paul Dikov in the Manchester City kit 1999
Paul Dikov in the Manchester City kit 1999 Photography: Clive Brunskill/All Sport

40 minutes We’ve hardly seen Rice, Soucek, Bowen or Fornals yet. West Ham defended the penalty area reasonably well, but that’s all they did.

39 minutes “That sound you hear is five million people logging into their fantasy football account to trade Harry Kane for Haaland,” JR believes.

I don’t know – they will both score a lot of points, although I think Kane gives you assists as well as goals.

39 minutes …whom Gundogan smashed into the wall.

38 minutes City wins a free kick from outside the penalty area, 25 yards and right of center…

37 minutes On the penalty, City did a really good job of creating it – there isn’t much space behind the West Ham central defender, so the running, changing pace and passing weight should have been near perfect, and they were.

Goal! West Ham United 0-1 Manchester City (Haaland, penalty 36)

Haaland opens the body, hits his left foot a lot to the left lower wing, and Areola dives in the opposite direction.

Erling Haaland scores a penalty
Erling Haaland scores a penalty Photo: Harriet Lander/Cuba/Getty Images
Erling Haaland
And he celebrates his fist in the league for City Photo: Frank Augustin/The Associated Press

City Man Punishment!

We’ll see this often. Gündogan slips a reverse pass to the side, Haaland attacks the space, sweeps it away from Areola, wears the inevitable flight, hands through his legs.

Erling Haaland stumbled in the penalty area resulting in a penalty
Erling Haaland stumbled in the penalty area resulting in a penalty Photography: John Walton/PA

34 minutes Cancelo gets the ball in midfield and suddenly the number 7 on his back looks normal. I think that makes more sense than a 10 Gallas and a 9 Bullharose, but only marginally.

32 minutes On top of Moyes’ point, you can take a look at how Man United defended against Brighton, versus how West Ham defended here, and the difference is amazing – especially in terms of focus and toughness.

32 minutes Antonio’s return. Touching the ball six times in the first 30 minutes.

30 minutes Antonio fell after jumping for a header and awkwardly landed, so the doctor comes in.

29 minutes Grealish looks decent here, carrying the ball back down from before, this time, to find Cancelo, whose cross was cleared.

28 minutes Fabiansky cannot continue, dragging himself to be replaced by Alphonse Areola.

27 minutes More like City, Grealish is drifting and looking for Haaland, who is touching beautifully near Gundogan. It was his streak and cut back to De Bruyne, who slipped into the net, but Haaland was partly offside from the initial pass.

26 minutes City still hold the whole ball, and given the temperature – 32 degrees there – West Ham may need all the subs.

24 minutes “I see your view on Moyes and his beautiful position – as an Everton player, I see it very well,” Eric Peterson repeats. “Ironically, though, I think it was probably more important in 2012 than it is now. If we look at the ‘big clubs that need some organization and heart’, at the moment, Manchester United shouldn’t finish first. By a mile? (Well, there’s Everton, right?)”

Sure, Moyes has things to offer. But we haven’t seen anything to suggest he’s the right man for a high-level job, nor that he has the skills and intelligence to lead a team trying to be the best.

22 minutes It’s time for drinks. And West Ham will keep their good heart, although Fabianski is limping.

20 minutes The first time I saw Foden play, for England at an age group level I knew he was special, and that’s not me bragging about my eyes on talent, I confirm – he looked as natural on the ball as he does. Currently. But he needs a regular position – perhaps on a large scale – and now he is, hovering a cross towards the near post, which Haaland cannot pass on to him.

19 minutes Foden leads the great switch to Grealish, but his accidental attempt, twisting toward the rear post, picks Zouma, who heads away.

18 minutes Fabiansky takes Foden’s angle out of the air. West Ham started well.

17 minutes We saw almost nothing from West Ham in attack, but we didn’t see much of City either, but here comes Foden, pulling a cross on his big toe and feeding Cancelo, whose cross was deflected back for a corner kick.

16 minutes West Ham closed the spaces well. Defensive spacing and discipline are both excellent.

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