June 18, 2024

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What we know so far

What we know so far

The Google Pixel Tablet has leaked quite a bit this week, including some hints about its price. Based on what we know now, how much would you actually pay for a Pixel Tablet?

Pixel Tablet price – what we know

So far, Google has been silent on the details about the Pixel Tablet, but we do know that the company seems to be working on making it a premium piece of hardware focused on integrating with your home.

In recent leaks, we are starting to get a sense of how much this device will cost. A leak from Europe has set a price between 600 and 650 euros. Direct conversion of Euros to US dollars never yields an exact price, but Abner Li noted that the Pixel 7 sells for €649 in Europe, but $599 in the US. This indicates that Google may end up pricing the Pixel Tablet similarly.

The other point of evidence we have is in the Pixel Tablet dock, which appeared briefly on Amazon this week. That listing confirmed the $129 price for the “Standalone Charging Dock” which doubles as a magnetic charger for the tablet as well as an audio amplifier with a speaker in the dock. As mentioned, this dock is included with the purchase of the Pixel Tablet, which helps narrow Google’s pricing model.

The Pixel Tablet itself will be packing the same hardware as the Pixel 7. Google Tensor G2 chip and 8GB of RAM. We also know that it has UWB support, includes a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, and could have 256GB of storage on at least one variant. Meanwhile, the screen size is claimed to be around 11 inches.

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All in all, this isn’t exactly a “cheap” configuration, especially given the specialized software that seems to be on board.

Really, the only comparable Android tablet at the moment is Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, which starts at $699 for similar devices. If that’s the case, the supposed price of around $600 doesn’t sound that bad, and if Google were to offer the tablet without its attached dock, it might provide more separation.

Personally, I’ve always hoped the Pixel Tablet would fall into the sub-$500 price point, and it looks like the final product will at least be Close for this number. But what would you pay for a Pixel Tablet based on what we know today? Vote in the poll below, and in the comments, let’s discuss what the Pixel Tablet needs to do to make the price worthwhile.

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