April 23, 2024

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Where and how is Govind most likely to come from?

What activities are safe and to what extent are they? These questions can be answered with the results of research published in the scientific journal Environmental Science & Technology.

El SARS-CoV-2, The virus that causes goiter is mainly transmitted through the air. Therefore, the key to avoiding infection is to understand how they behave. Particles in the air, Requires knowledge in both physics and chemistry.

Air is a fluid made up of invisible molecules that move rapidly and randomly. Respiratory aerosols of these molecules float in the ocean, which can carry the virus and scatter throughout the interior, such as cigarette smoke in a room or bus.

The infected person can expel the aerosols containing the virus The closer we get to it, the more likely we are to inhale them. Also, the longer we stay in the same room, the more viruses we breathe. If we are outside, space is almost infinite and the virus does not act in the same way, however infection can occur if we talk near an infected person.

The infected person can release virus particles every time they breathe, but these are not the only ones Abundant when it comes to deep breathing (While exercising) or giving voice (speaking or singing) is done simultaneously with breathing.

A well-fitted mask reduces the spread because it reduces the number of virus particles it emits. It is very unlikely to hit us Rather than someone who comes to us and starts a heated argument, a victim who is not wearing a mask and sits quietly in a corner.

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Infection is likely to occur

The study calculated how different spreading conditions vary in the probability of infection.

  • Viral factors (Communication, localization)
  • Personal factors (Wearing / not wearing a mask, exercising / relaxing, doing some vocal activities / being quiet)
  • Air quality factors (Indoor / outdoor, large rooms / small rooms, no congestion / crowded, no ventilation / no ventilation)

To do this calculation, we used empirical data on the number of people affected by super infection, in which the key parameters (room size, number of occupants, ventilation volume, etc.) were well documented, and then we represented how this transaction took place through a mathematical model.

Maps give the percentage of chances of infection in different situations.

One way to facilitate the spread of Govt is to do several things that appear in the red cells of the table:

Meeting people in closed areas with bad air quality, such as gymnasiums, nightclubs or school classes.

Doing something harsh or rebellious like playing sports, singing or screaming.

– Go without a mask.

– Being in the same place for a long time.

To avoid getting more goiter, try doing things that appear in green or amber cells:

If you have to meet others, do it outdoors or in a well-ventilated place or indoors where ventilation is good and air quality is known.

– Reduce the number of people you meet.

Stay together for the minimum required time.

– Do not shout, sing or exercise vigorously at home.

-Wear good quality, well-fitting masks from the moment you enter a building until you exit.

Although the map gives an approximate probability for each situation, the actual risk depends on specific parameters such as how many people are in the room or how large the room is.

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Source: Infobae