February 4, 2023

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Who is the Argentinian player who died in the plane crash in Nepal?

It was learned that the plane had crashed earlier this Sunday Pokhara, Nepal, There was an Argentinian citizen between 68 passengers Carried the aircraft with a crew of four. around noon, Nation could be confirmed from accessible sources was a woman A passenger in ATR 72 identified as Janet Sandra Palavecino, and who died bad guy. Also, his brother was already aware of the situation.

mrs, Born in Argentina in 1965, mother of two, A mountaineer and hotelier from Neuquen She is fired from her job by her relatives who are heartbroken by what has happened to her. Her heartfelt words highlight how much she loved and planned this Nepal tour.

“Janet Palavecino. Maximum respect and admiration for a powerful woman who lived and died fulfilling her dreams.”User wrote instagram Kareena Dumini.

Janet Palavecino from Argentina died in a plane crash in Nepal

while, Nation She was able to chat with another friend of Palavecino’s, who did not want to be named because of the difficulty of the moment. “She was a great woman. A great mountaineer in Neuquen. She was a true warrior.” This relative described her, revealing: “It was his dream to go to Nepal and climb the mountain. He had gone to that country on vacation.

“Devastated” to discover what had happened in the Asian nation, she told her mountaineer friend, who had been close friends with her: “The pain we have knowing her is immense.”

In addition Claudina Novelli, near Palavesino, the athlete recalled the moments that outlined his journey in Nepal. “I remember when You told me your plan. Hugs to heaven and my love to the family and the boys,” she wrote.

Janet Palavecino from Argentina died in a plane crash in Nepal
Janet Palavecino from Argentina died in a plane crash in NepalFacebook

The media has learned from two sources that the woman who died in the plane crash was one of the owners of the plane. Hotel Suizo, in the capital city of Neuquén, belongs to his family. According to the hotel’s official website, which has more than 50 years of operation and 50 rooms, Palavecino and his brother Omar They took over management in 1990 with their father Reuben. He fought for the approval of the Tourism Emergency Act to support the operation after it was closed during the pandemic.

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On her social networking sites, most of the pictures she has shared Connected with their paths in the mountains, He took photographs there. In the posts, he was encouraged by a group of his relatives, who congratulated him on each achievement.

The mountaineer was remembered for organizing the race Extreme Gopahoo, he helped organize the sporting event within the structure of the Copahu Volcano, located on the border between Chile and Argentina. “It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Janet Palavecino. Copahue Extremo is the biggest person in the organization and the best collaborator. Our condolences to the family and friends. Goodbye, dear Janet,” they wrote in tribute to her.

The woman who died in this accident has said on her profile that the cause is still unknown Facebook: “I love mountains. Roll my bike on cycle tourism. I love my garden and fields. I love painting.”. PokharaAlthough the crash happened between the old airport, built in 1958, and the new international terminal, which opened on January 1, the city where the plane carrying her was supposed to land – an important crossing point. Devotees and mountaineers Other races.


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