June 25, 2024

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Why did Javier Miley break Argentina’s ties with Spain? POLITICO

Why did Javier Miley break Argentina’s ties with Spain?  POLITICO

However, recent developments could have a significant economic impact. With €18 billion in assets in Argentina, Spain is the country’s second-largest foreign investor, meaning a permanent dispute would likely hurt the country’s already delicate financial situation.

A permanent rift would likely damage Argentina’s already delicate financial situation. | Juan Mabromata/Getty Images

Sanchez has hinted that he will seek to stir up conflict in Brussels, but it is unclear whether the EU can offer anything besides the stereotypical condemnation of Miley’s words. This weekend, the bloc’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, said, I did just that In declaring that “attacks against family members of political leaders have no place in our culture: we condemn and reject them, especially when they come from partners.”

At the same time, Miley appears intent on strengthening his ties with far-right populist leaders in Europe, whom he sees as an additional support base.

“My trip to Spain showed that I am the greatest champion of freedom in the world,” he boasted on Monday. “I’m in another league.”

Miley and his allies on the continent appear to be in agreement on a major trade agreement between the EU and the South American bloc of Mercosur countries: they consider the EU’s demands to conclude the deal, especially regarding sustainability requirements, untenable. Spain has traditionally been Mercosur’s main ally in the agreement.

During her recent visit to Brussels, Diana Mondino, Argentina’s Foreign Minister, emphasized that concluding the long-awaited deal was a priority – but also made clear that Buenos Aires would look for trading partners elsewhere if the two sides failed to agree on the agreement.

While some far-right parties in Europe oppose the deal completely, others agree with Miley that the EU is simply asking too much.

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With support for populist parties expected to rise in the upcoming European Parliament elections, Miley may eventually take his campaigning to Brussels. Who will the EU leader target next?

Camille Gijs and Antonia Zimmerman contributed to this report.