June 23, 2024

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Will Smith’s movie “Emancipation” will be released in December

Will Smith's movie "Emancipation" will be released in December

Will Smith’s “Emancipation” — the actor’s first since his infamous slap at this year’s Academy Awards — will be released in December, making it eligible for the upcoming awards season.

while launching a file tractor As for the movie on Monday, Apple said “Emancipation” will have a limited theatrical release on December 2 before becoming available on the company’s streaming service on December 9. long discussion On whether Apple will release the movie this year or delay it until 2023, given the controversy surrounding Mr. Smith afterwards slap Comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars in March. Apple declined to comment on its plans for the film.

After the Mr. Rock incident, Mr. Smith won the Best Actor Oscar that night for his performance in King Richard. This was his first academic award, but soon afterwards Resigned of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, saying he “betrayed” her trust. academy permission prevented him of the organization and all its events for the next decade.

This punishment does not prevent the actor from running for his work, although it does not bode well for “emancipation,” who was considered an award nominee before Mr. Smith slapped Mr. Rock. The decision to release the film in a limited number of theaters before it debuts on service indicates that Apple plans to push it for an award this year.

It can backfire. The academy indicated that it was ready to walk out of the slap. Bill Kramer, the organization’s chief executive, said it wouldn’t even be joked about at the upcoming Oscars.

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“Emancipation” stars Mr. Smith as Peter, a true 19th century character who escaped from slavery and fought in the Union Army. Directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by William N. The event was followed by a question-and-answer session involving Mr. Fuqua and Mr. Smith, who has been largely out of sight since the Oscars.

Mr. Smith issued general apology On his YouTube channel on July 29. It has been viewed nearly 3.9 million times.