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| November 17, 2018

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‘Without Walls’ Free Events Make the Brighton Festival Accessible to All

‘Without Walls’ Free Events Make the Brighton Festival Accessible to All
Peggy Bain
  • On February 16, 2018

Without Walls is an organisation committed to commissioning artistic events in public spaces, such as streets, parks and town centres, so as to make them completely free and accessible to everyone. The company have now toured in 22 countries and gained a reputation for some of the most impressive outdoor pieces. They operate in a huge range of locations across the country, and this year have announced they will commission an incredible 13 different outdoor works. These will tour eight of the UK’s leading arts festivals in 2018 including the Brighton Festival.

Josephine Burns, Chair of Without Walls has said: “The 2018 Without Walls programme includes circus, dance, theatre and installations that will thrill, inspire and entertain audiences of all ages across. Since 2006 Without Walls has supported the creation of over 100 new shows that have toured to free events across the UK, as well as toured internationally to some of the world’s major arts festivals.”

“(Outdoor events create) a shared space of mystery and madness.” – Josephine Burns

The events, she has argued, “animate and transform” the spaces they inhabit, creating something that lives in the memory. Burns has stressed the importance of free, outdoor events, as a commitment to audiences who might otherwise not experience these art pieces, particularly because of economic constraints.

Featured image by Rob

Some of the most intriguing outdoor events put on this year by Without Walls include:

    • The Bewonderment Machine (A Bird in the Hand Theatre) – This is a pedal powered carousel created for up to 10 small children to all ride at once. It is a joint project that combines the talents of puppet maker and director Alison Duddle and the wonderful puppeteer Mark Whitaker.
    • Mirror Mirror (Walkabout theatre) – A theatre show suitable for all ages, featuring two bizarre mirrored creatures who have crashed down onto earth from outer space. They will learn about the good and bad in human nature as they explore it. From one of Europe’s leading learning disability theatre companies.
    • The Playground of Illusions (Travelling Light Circus) – An installation featuring 3 giant toys that all contain some sort of visual or sound illusion. These quirky gadgets are inspired by steampunk and feature various leavers and buttons to pull, press and mess around with. Suitable for all ages.

Without Walls will present a range of wonderful, silly and completely free events at the Brighton Festival from the 26th to the 27th of May. The complete line up is as follows:

  • 26th/27th May – The Bewonderment Machine (A Bird in the Hand Theatre)
  • 26th/27th May – Dedicated to… (Candoco Dance Company)
  • 26th/27th May – WIRED (Flex Dance Company)
  • 26th/27th May – Bicycle Boy (Helen Eastman Production)
  • 26th/27th May – Look Up (Hikapee)
  • 26th May – The band at the end of the world! (Ramshakilicious)
  • 27th May – Modern Warrior (Rosie Kay Dance Company)
  • 26th/27th May – The Playground of Illusions (Travelling Light Circus)

Find out more about Without Walls here

Featured image by Rob

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