May 18, 2024

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“Wolf from Game of Thrones?”: He stunned everyone by walking with his pet

“Wolf from Game of Thrones?”: He stunned everyone by walking with his pet

Social networks are full of untold stories And events that are sometimes hard to believe. A few days ago, A woman walking down the street with a giant dog unexpectedly went viral. But that’s what caused the stir The animal was huge And users of social networks discussed what their species was: a wolf, a hyena or one of the creatures of the series. Game of Thrones?

The clip was posted on a TikTok account @lauracalvillo09A woman exposed the video with the following description: “What kind of dog is this?? It can’t be a wolf.” Immediately the pictures circulated on different sites, waiting for many to guess the identity of the “beast” as he called it.

The woman was spotted with her pet in Hardy County, Florida, while quietly giving him a walk in the garden. Of course, the giant dog was on a leash, but passers-by who saw her were stunned to see that its height reached its owner’s waist.

They catch a girl with a werewolf like in Game of Thrones

It didn’t take long for Dictokeros’s reaction to come. “If the woman tries to chase someone, there is no way to control the wolf.”, “The only thing I know is that I will not approach her”, “If she decides to follow someone, there is a 0% chance that she will control it”, the opinions of those who thought that the animal was proportional to its owner.

In the background of the recording, a child is shown being stunned by the size of the dog., when his mother asks him if he thinks it’s a wolf or a dog. Minor says “a dog” without engaging in debate. However, her mother replied that it might actually be a “beast”. Apparently, the virtual community thought the same, as they stopped short of trying to figure out the animal’s nature.

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Some considered it a clumsy dog, others said it was an Irish Wolfhound or a Scottish Deerhound, as both usually reach a height of 88 centimeters. Other tiktokeros assured me it was a hyena. Assumptions did not abate: “It’s Haley Quinn’s hyena”, “It’s her husband in wolf form”, some wrote jokingly. Encouraged to mention another popular series game of thronesThis category contains organisms.

This girl made an appearance with her giant wolf style@lauracalvillo09/TIkTok

Of course, There were others who took the situation humorously He listed the clip as a scene from the movies twilight, whose plot tells about vampires and werewolves. This story of movies is best known for the effects used to bring the main creatures to life. Some even dared to joke about it. “That’s Jacob,”The lady Belle checks the location of the beasts.”, “If Bella had ended up with Jacob, they would have been the same in the future”, they left among the reactions.