February 27, 2024

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'Wonka' Leads Post-Christmas Slowdown with $9M – Deadline

'Wonka' Leads Post-Christmas Slowdown with $9M – Deadline

Typically, the Christmas movie-watching rush extends all the way to December 26, but that's not the case this year as it happened with Warner Bros.' Wonka He led all titles with $8.9 million – The second lowest-grossing film after Christmas (since 2000) before its own studio film Wonder Woman 1984 Which grossed $5.8 million when the bulk of the country's movie theaters were closed due to Covid. Yes!

In the past two years post-pandemic, the No. 1 movie on Dec. 26 has grossed over $30 million in a single day — we're talking Spider-Man: No way home And Avatar: Water Road. At its pre-Covid peak, December 26 brought in $56.7 million to Star Wars: The Force Awakens In 2019, a film took in a record amount of cash the day after Christmas.

Warner Bros./DC's B CinemaScore Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom After leading the weekend with 4 days of $38.3 million, it fell to second place with $8.3 million (-21% over Christmas) yesterday in 3,706 theaters.

Going to the movies on holidays is supposed to be vibrant, shiny and bright, and that doesn't even begin to describe the turnstiles' descent.

Warner Bros. Violet, Which completely revived the movie musical in a terrible market 7 million dollars At 3,152, -61% from $18.15 million on Christmas Day. Note that the musical's first-day gross was boosted by a syndicated sales program implemented by the studio.

while VioletUniversal's Christmas opening day marked the highlight of 2012's musical Les Miserables ($18.1 million), this film had a better second day, -33%, with $12.1 million. Wonka It is likely to cross 100 million dollars The local label is today in 4,213 theaters, while Aquaman 2 Rises to $46.6 million At 3706 and was nominated for a Golden Globe 2x Violet be seen $25.1 million.

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Some may argue that in previous years, December 26 fell on a Monday in 2022 and a Sunday in 2021. However, even on the Tuesday after Christmas the daily total of Spider-Man: No way home And Avatar: Water Road It was much higher at $21 million+ apiece than what we saw yesterday Wonka And Aquaman 2.

Lighting/Global Immigration opinion $6.5 million+22% of its $5.5 million Christmas cume, bringing its five-day running total $24.3 million.

George Clooney directed from Amazon MGM Boys in the boat Total 3 million dollars On Tuesday, -47% of the two-day Christmas $8.7 million In fifth place for today. The film, which does not feature any major stars, is showing strongly in the upper states and has a CinemaScore.

Sixth place goes to Sony Anyone but you with $2.6 million (+28% from $2 million Christmas cume) and five-day running total $10.7 million In 3055 locations.

A24 Iron claw On 7 published $1.7 million-12% of Christmas, at 2,774 and total $8.5 million.

Eighth place belongs to the direction of NEON's Michael Mann Ferrari with $1.5 million-47 % of Christmas and $ 2.85 million previews for $4.4 million Total run. While the film's total revenue on Christmas Day was slightly higher than the film's total revenue All the money in the world ($2.56 million), FerrariDec. 26 revenue is slightly lower than that of Ridley Scott's same-day title, which was $1.76 million.

Typically for these movies that open on Christmas Day, they are guaranteed to see a total of 10 times the opening day gross (not counting the Christmas Eve previews). Look for a final for Boys in the boat In the region of $40 million Ferrari In the vicinity of $20 million (pretty much like… All the money in the worldThe domestic final of $25.1 million – which is why we're sticking with it). Violet It crossed the $100 million mark.

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