February 22, 2024

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“World's Oldest Dog” Temporarily Loses Its Title After Trial

“World's Oldest Dog” Temporarily Loses Its Title After Trial
Bobby's title of “World's Oldest Dog” has been suspended by the GWR, who are conducting an investigation to clarify the veracity of the phenomenon. (AP Photo/ George Geronimo)

He Portuguese Mastiff by name Bobby He took the title of the world's oldest dog after his death in October 2023 at the age of 31, however, his longevity raised doubts among the community and pressure from authorities. Guinness World Records This honor will be temporarily taken away from him until his situation is clarified.

Bobby came into the limelight after he died on October 20, 2023 at the age of 31 years and 165 days. His death drew skepticism from experts around the world, who said that given current medical achievements, it was unlikely that he would have lived the equivalent of 200 human years.

Veterinarians assert that given current medical capabilities, a dog cannot live the equivalent of 200 human years. (REUTERS/Catarina Demoni)

Bobby was rescued by Lionel Costa When he was an eight-year-old boy, after learning that his dog was being euthanized by his parents, they assumed they already had too many animals. After the new opportunity, Chinnam lived the rest of his days in Canqueiros, Leiria, Portugal.

British newspaper Guardian In late October 2023, society's disbelief at Bobby's apparent age is growing. Danny ChambersVeterinarian and board member Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons He told European media that none of his colleagues believed the dog was actually 31 years old.

His apparent age is equivalent to a normal human living over 200 years, which is impossible with current medical capabilities. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” Chambers asserted.

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Bobby's owners, the Costa family, confirm that the dog's mother lived to be 18 years old, and another of their pets died at 22, so the pedigree has good genes.

The furore that followed the initial report by the British newspaper set off alarms for GWR officials, who made it clear they would launch a preliminary investigation to get to the bottom of everything.

On January 16, 2024, the news agency reported Associated Press, GWR officials put a stop to Bobby's title of oldest dog in history.

“While our review continues, we have decided to temporarily suspend registration titles for primitive dogs pending all of our findings,” a spokesperson for the association told the AP.

A GWR spokesman said the organization had received correspondence from some vets questioning the dog's age and referred to public comments from other experts and experts.

Bobby inherited the title of “world's oldest dog” from Blue, an Australian rancher who died aged 29 (REUTERS/Catarina Demony)

In an investigation by US magazine Wired, GWR noted that Bobby's age was verified by SIAC, a Portuguese government database that tracks cats, dogs and ferrets.

“At the time, the animal's owner announced that it was born in 1992, but we have no records or data to confirm or deny that information,” he told the magazine. Yuriko CabralSIAC Coordinator.

Cabral noted that dogs born before 2008 were not required to be registered until 2020, so Bobby may have been born in 1992 and his owner did not have the documentation to prove it.

Bobby inherited the title of world's oldest dog from Bluey, an Australian cattle dog who lived in Victoria, Australia for over 29 years and had a very active life tending sheep and cattle, which is believed to have contributed to his longevity. .

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