May 21, 2024

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Yes, Instagram is down across the globe

Yes, Instagram is down across the globe

Not just you. Instagram is currently facing a massive outage which is being reported all over the world. There is no indication that the internet connection may be back.

Down Detector, which tracks site outages, has had more than that 98,000 reports From Instagram crashes in the last 15 minutes. I have confirmed using my Instagram accounts that the feed is simply not loading.

The app says “Sorry, something went wrong”, or “Sorry, the feed could not be updated” when trying to load the user’s homepage feed.

Instagram, just like other social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, has become an important tool for individuals and businesses around the world. Instagram recently suffered another outage a few days ago, though this seems to be more local.

It’s really funny how we have come to rely on social media tools like Instagram to view and share photos around the world. We take it for granted today, but sending a photo across the world was a very difficult process. Almost 100 years ago, I needed a cable spanned the entire Atlantic Ocean. And back in the forties, this person For a technology like Instagram.

Gizmodo Australia was it The first to report The most recent Instagram outage was when Down Detector had nearly 1,000 outage reports.

Meta, the company that owns Instagram along with Facebook and WhatsApp, did not immediately respond to emailed questions Sunday evening ET. I will update this article if I hear back.

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