July 22, 2024

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Yes, Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom also has its duality glitches

Yes, Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom also has its duality glitches
Image: Nintendo

It’s not even been a week since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the glitches of duality are already back.

Compared to some other video game glitches of the past, this process (using Link’s bow and arrow) is a relatively straightforward process – allowing you to duplicate any item in your inventory. To perform this Easy Duplicate Glitch you will need a bow and arrows and the item you want to duplicate.

Zelda glitch enthusiast and Twitter user @employee Provides a quick and detailed explanation, and there too Lots of tutorials on YouTube Follow up if you need more help. We’ve tried this bug ourselves and can make sure it works, but it might take a little practice.

So, there you go – this is how you can repeat any element multiple times. If you are concerned about this glitch, you might want to try it out sooner rather than later as there is always a possibility that Nintendo will patch this in a future game update. In saying this, you can set Automatic Software Updates to Off in the Switch’s system settings.

It looks like some Glitches and other ways It may already have been discovered too. Have you tried the glitch above yet? Comment below.