May 23, 2024

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You can now use Android and Nest devices to pair with the material

You can now use Android and Nest devices to pair with the material

Image via Nest Audio

Your Nest Audio device can now act as a border router for Matter devices.
picture: Gizmodo / Andrew Liszewski

Ahem, the smart home standard it promises unites us all, continues its slow and steady release across platforms. Google is the next company to announce compatibility with Nest devices and Android phones.

You can now use existing gadgets like the Nest Mini speaker, Nest Hub Max smart display, and Nest Wifi Pro mesh router as a base of sorts for connecting Matter smart devices. These are no longer called “hubs” but “border routers” because they act as indicators of your smart home’s surroundings.

Android is also getting the long-promised pairing capabilities. You’ll be able to use Fast Pair to get a gadget connected to the network using the Google Home app, which in itself is quite small turning phase Immediately.

The matter standard It was officially launched in October. Although there are only a handful of Matter-compatible devices on the market right now — things like sensors, smart locks, and smart bulbs — we expect to reveal an avalanche of compatible devices as early as next year.

The Google States It’s “enabling more Nest devices with Matter” in the new year so they can act as border routers in a Matter-connected home. The company is also working to add iOS support through the Google Home app for those who choose to stay within the Google apps ecosystem (Apple lets you connect Matter devices through iOS’s Home app). And it’s partnered with Samsung, its biggest smartphone ally, to build a “more seamless” multi-admin experience for 2023 — something that will make it easier to navigate between Samsung’s SmartThings and the Google Home app.

The smart home has been pretty stagnant over the past year, in part because businesses and consumers have been waiting for this new standard. We’re still not quite there, even with the big brands already supporting Matter. But we expect to see all the new devices syncing next month at CES 2023.

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