December 1, 2023

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Zelda: Kingdom Tears director (sort of) explains what happened to the Tech Sheikah

Zelda: Kingdom Tears director (sort of) explains what happened to the Tech Sheikah
Image: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brought us more history and detail than we thought possible in the Zonai, but in the wake of this lore, a huge part of Breath of the Wild was absent – Sheikah technology.

Now, in an interview with Telegraph, Hidemaru Fujibayashi, director of Tears of the Kingdom, provided some information about what happened to the historical technology that helped Link take down Calamity Ganon. And it’s not that deep at all, everything has “disappeared”.

Depending on what you expect, Fujibayashi’s answer may not be very satisfactory, as it is really just a case of the Sheikah technique fulfilling its purpose. This wasn’t explained in-game, but Fujibayashi and the Nintendo team had their own explanation for where this happened and why it wasn’t in the sequel:

“[The Sheikah tech] Disappeared after Calamity was defeated (sealed). This was also witnessed by all the people of Hyrule, but no one knows the mechanism or reason for their disappearance, and it is considered a mystery. It is believed that since the disaster disappeared, they have also disappeared as their role has been fulfilled. “

According to Fujibayashi, while people are aware that the Sheikah technology is gone, no one knows it how part. But it’s also not a big deal, and people admit that there’s no longer a need to use it after defeating Calamity Ganon.

It doesn’t get any less ambiguous with the rest of Fujibayashi’s response either. The director stated that the citizens of Hyrule didn’t bother to look into the matter further, and just accepted it as fact.

“Anyway, it is common for mysterious events and strange phenomena to occur in Hyrule. Thus, people simply assumed that the reason behind the disappearance was likely related to ancient Sheikah technology and it seemed that no one had tried to explore it.” “It’s more important.” “The main civilizations in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom are very different, so we thought of the game based on concepts that resonate with each of these civilizations.”

So, in short, this is all based on assumptions, and we shouldn’t worry about it – okay! Maybe so he have It’s served its purpose and decided it’s no longer needed, of course, but we can’t help but wish there was a little more to it than that.

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However, we weren’t expecting a detailed explanation, so perhaps the team’s acknowledgment of the question is all we’ll get. After all, does Link really need Sheikah technology if he can build a car decorated with flamethrowers?