May 24, 2024

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Zendaya's 'Challengers' smashes box office, audience reviews are more mixed

Zendaya's 'Challengers' smashes box office, audience reviews are more mixed
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Zendaya “The Challengers”

Game, setting, box office match…

Fans seem conflicted

ZendayaShe's got a big win to celebrate… Her new tennis movie “Challengers” is on pace to crush the competition at the box office — though audience reaction appears to be more mixed.

Delivery time The film is reportedly headed for a $15.2 million opening…nearly double the next highest opening – this one is called “Unsung Hero,” and the trade publication says it's headed for an $8 million opening.

The outlet is asking the producers of “Challengers” to hold their horses though… because $15 million is a long way off the reported $50 million budget this movie has.

And in case you're wondering… Deadline says PostTrak — a data company that talks to movie viewers as they leave the theater — has confirmed that people are coming out to see Zendaya. They say 55% of participants came because of her.

But whether or not those audiences enjoyed the flick is somewhat unclear at this point. according to Rotten tomatoes88% of critics enjoyed the film – much higher than the 77% of audiences who said the same.

That's still a pretty high 77%… but – for a film that's so predictable – 1 in 4 reviewers bombing the film doesn't exactly bode well for attracting future audiences.

Of course, many know the film from the sexual tension in the trailer… including the scene in which two men kiss Zendaya's neck. It's been on people's calendars for a while now because of that – and early audiences probably built the flick too much in their heads.

Bottom line… the box office game is over this weekend – but some viewers are already calling the movie a mistake!!!

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