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| October 23, 2018

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From Zero To One Hundred! Meet Brighton Band Lacuna Bloome!

From Zero To One Hundred! Meet Brighton Band Lacuna Bloome!
Laura Bohrer
  • On June 24, 2017

They only started playing together last November but were already asked to perform at this year’s Great and Alternative Escape. For Niall (vocals), Jake (drums), Frankie (bass) and Sam (guitar) it went straight up ever since they introduced themselves to the world as Lacuna Bloome three months ago.

Originally coming from London, Suffolk and Kent, they all came to Brighton to study music at the BIMM (British And Irish Modern Music Institue). Sam and Niall who had already known each other from back home in London came up with the idea to start a band and were soon joined by Jake. But finding someone to play the bass turned out to be more difficult!

“Sam and I are in the same class at BIMM. We both do professional musicianship in guitar and Sam was complaining to me because he couldn’t find anyone to play the bass,” Frankie says. When Sam found out that she could actually play the bass, the band was complete. “Frankie was our savior!” Sam comments on that happenstance.

Although the female bassist joined the band a bit later, they all “connected really easily” as Jake puts it. When you see them all together, it seems like they have known each other for ages. “I think it’s because we’ve got the same vibes. I’m basically one of the lads!” Frankie describes how well the four musicians get along with each other.

Lacuna Bloome at their gig at The Joker last Tuesday. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

Lacuna Bloome at their gig at The Joker last Tuesday. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

The next challenge the four had to face was finding a band name. Having thought about it for months without a satisfying result, they just decided to mix up Niall’s idea to call themselves ‘Lacuna’ (Latin for ‘gap’) and Sam’s proposal ‘Bloome’. Problem solved!

Compared to coming up with a band name, writing their music together seems like a piece of cake. “Niall and I live together. So if he has got an idea, he shows it to me and I come up with my part and then we work with it until we’ve got something we are kind of almost happy with. Then we present it to the band and change things around until we come up with a version that suits us. When we are all together, we think of ideas that Niall and me alone would have never considered,” explains Sam.

When it comes to their music, Lacuna Bloome have one concept they stick to, keeping things as diverse as possible. “We just like to keep people on their toes when we play,” comes the prompt answer from Sam.

Hence the refusal to commit to one single genre. “We are trying not to stick to one genre because I think that might just limit us. We’ve got influences from classic indie rock, punk, pop, and there even is a cheeky bit of Motown in there as well,” Niall explains.

Credit @ Jake Haseldine.

Credit @ Jake Haseldine.

So far, they have seven tracks that form their well practiced and approved set. When they go on stage, the only way to describe their performance is with energy. The slightly more aggressive songs are just a perfect excuse for Jake to “go crazy” on the drums and for Sam and Frankie to launch themselves into mad guitar and bass riffs.

Their first ever gig was when they played the support for Macclesfield-based band Cassia, another happy accident as they were given the slot by Sam’s future housemate Harry who works for a music promotion company and who, by chance, heard their demo “Alright”.

It was also this demo that won them a spot at this year’s Great Escape. “There was a competition called ‘The Real Unsigned’ and we just uploaded our demo on Soundcloud. We recorded it in our bedrooms and thought we might as well put it out there. A couple of weeks before the festival we got an email saying we were going to play!”, Sam tells us with excitement.

And the experience was exciting for them indeed. Having already played on Thursday on the Alternative Escape stage at Beyond Retro, they were absolutely stunned when they entered The Great Escape backstage premises on that Saturday!

“When we got free passes for the Spotify lounge where they offered free massages, free cocktails, and free food, we were just standing there like ‘What is going on here’!”, Frankie remembers their initial reaction. “It was so cool, we felt really important”, Jake nods. For the Brighton four-piece band, it was the first taste of what it is like to be treated like the big names of the music scene.

Credit @ Jake Haseldine.

Credit @ Jake Haseldine.

Among those big names, there are quite a few that Jake, Sam, Niall and Frankie especially like and that influence their music. Foals, Oasis, U2, The Amazons, Sundara Karma… Lacuna Bloome wouldn’t mind following in the footsteps of their role models, but for the moment their plans are more modest than that.

“A good aim for us is to play some more festivals next summer. Great Escape, Truck Festival, YNot Festival, Reading Festival… We were surprised this year with the Great Escape, maybe we will also be surprised next year”, Niall expresses their hopes for the coming year.

That’s their plan so far for next year, but they also have something exciting planned for this summer! “We’ve  got our first single coming out in the next couple of months. It’s called ‘Only One’ and we will officially release our demo track ‘Alright’ a month later”, Sam announces.

He is the one who has mixed and produced the tracks with the help of his friend Pol after the band had recorded them at the Roundhouse in Camden, as they haven’t found a producer so far. “Getting offers from producers would be cool, but you should try to do as much as you can yourself” is what they all agree on.

Having played four support gigs so far, the most recent one at Brighton’s Joker this Tuesday, Sam, Niall, Frankie and Jake are looking forward to playing their first headline gig at The Prince Albert on the 18th of October. Details will be announced soon.

To find out more about Lacuna Bloome and to receive latest news and updates on their gigs, check out their Facebook page. Their demo ‘Alright’ is up on Soundcloud.

Featured Image by Jake Haseldine.

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