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5 Simple Exercises to Improve Sex Life for Men and Women

5 Simple Exercises to Improve Sex Life for Men and Women
“Core” conditioning improves posture, which contributes to a slimmer appearance, promotes self-esteem and performance in sexual relationships (illustrative image infobay)

Sex is an important part of human life. “It's expressed in different ways, and it's a resource Happiness and well-being and contributes Personal satisfaction and satisfaction General,” says the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) Declaration on Sexual Rights.

This part of life is suffering changes Throughout life. Thus, for various reasons, the desire And its reasons include features Emotional, hormonal, stress, life impact and vital stages.

Doctor Laura Maffei (MN 62,441), endocrinologist, stress specialist, explained Infobay In a recent note: “From the age of 40, women experience a decline in the male hormone. Testosteroneand can affect desire. “It's a slow, progressive decline that affects a little more in some cases and less in others.”

And he continued: “Men also enjoy changes: has a lower, more progressive decrease in TestosteroneIt is a closely related hormone desire. They may also have a reduction power”.

Desire changes over the years. From the age of 40, women and men can experience a decrease in certain hormones, which can affect sexual desire and reduce energy (illustrative image infobay).

Although both women and men have one decrease desire, in which it may intensify later Menstruation. “At this stage, women often experience a significant change. Decrease in bloom Can cause more Genital dryness” explained the doctor.

However, there are many resources to counter these changes and a Satisfying sex life And a very important partner Exercise: Helps in treatment Erectile dysfunction, pain during penetration and low sexual desireAmong other problems.

“It's important to remember that sex is about movement and exercise,” she said. Debbie HerbenickDirector of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at the School of Public Health Indiana University, America, to The New York Times.

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Regular physical activity can help you become more self-aware. “You learn to listen to your body, and then you can bring that wisdom into your sex life,” Herbenik said.

Below are five exercises recommended by sexual health and fitness experts.

High-intensity aerobic exercise benefits cardiovascular health, which is important for sex, and directly affects erections and vaginal lubrication (illustrative information).

1. Do high-intensity aerobic exercise. Cardiovascular health directly affects sexual health, and not just because sex is sometimes vigorous and aerobic, Herbenik explained. The cardiovascular system powers two body systems important to sex: Erectile dysfunction and vaginal lubrication. Without adequate blood flow, it will be difficult to achieve or maintain any of these goals. Research also suggests that for some people, aerobic exercise can stimulate enthusiasm and desire.

According to a recent study published in the journal The Journal of Sexual MedicineAerobic exercise can improve erectile function in men.

To train aerobic activities, you need to start with an establishment A solid cardiovascular foundation Through regular exercises of moderate intensity. Then, you can walk or run comfortably at a conversational pace for about 20 minutes, adding more intense intervals to train. Energy bursts Sex may be required. Other options include cycling, climbing stairs quickly, or high-intensity interval training. “The goal is to help the body Avoid cardiac overload During sexual intercourse,” Marshall explained.

2. Practice Kegels exercises. Frequent activation of the pelvic floor muscles helps maintain good sphincter control and plays an important role in sexual health. When they are weak or nervous, you may not have an experience culmination So powerful. If they are tight, they can make penetrative intercourse painful.

Kegel exercises activate the pelvic floor muscles, which are important for sexual health, help maintain good sphincter control, and help you have a more powerful erection (iStock).

Many exercises can be done to strengthen this part of the body. The most common is to take a seat or lie down with your legs slightly apart. Then, you inhale deeply through the nose, and as you exhale, contract your pelvic floor muscles as if to stop the flow of urine.

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The position is maintained for a few seconds without holding your breath; Finally, it's time to relax your muscles. To maximize effectiveness, this activity should be performed several times a day, according to the advice of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center National Library of Medicine In America.

3. Make your hips more flexible. Most people spend several hours sitting every day, which can cause stiffness in the muscles, fascia, and ligaments of the pelvis. When your hips are tight, you may experience pain in your back and hips during intercourse.

Working on hip mobility helps your entire lower body move more fluidly and comfortably, and can improve Hip Pain During sexual intercourse. There is another solution: “There are local, vaginal estrogens that can be used and protect the entire urogenital area in women,” said Dr. Maffei.

Some exercises to strengthen the core muscles are various types of crunches, spinal rotations, plank and side plank.

As a first step, Marshall recommends rolling a tennis ball into your glutes in certain areas, then moving it to your hips and hamstrings, massaging each area until you feel a muscle release. This can be done sitting or leaning against a wall. From there, stretch your spine through Happy Cat and Angry Cat Pose.

4. Focus on the core. You have more power Core or Cor (formed by the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, hips and pelvis), can move easily during sex. Most of the nerves and muscles involved in sex are coordinated with the core, and a strong core helps Reduce back and hip pain Before, during and after intercourse.

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To work the entire structure of the muscles that make up the core, it is recommended to do it Board belly Daily. At first you can hold it for five to 10 seconds, which will help engage all your core muscles at once. Then increase.

Daily yoga and practicing diaphragmatic breathing improves pelvic mobility, increases core strength and helps relax the nervous system for a better sexual experience (Illustration Image Infobae)

Another opportunity to train them is training Pilates– Each movement not only focuses on your abs, but also trains the deep core muscles that support your spine and connect to your glutes and inner thighs. This discipline focuses on the deep abdominals and pelvic floor to contract and relax. These muscles act as an internal corset that lifts and supports the internal organs, and protects and stabilizes the back.

5. Practice yoga for five minutes a day. This will help improve hip mobility and increase core strength. and training Slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing It's especially valuable for sex, Herbenik said, because it helps relax the body's parasympathetic nervous system and pelvic floor. Stress is the enemy of erection and good sex.

You can begin to calm the nervous system by placing your hands on your stomach and breathing slowly to take deep breaths, which will bring more pleasure to your sex life.