May 19, 2024

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Police evacuated a Columbia University building occupied by students protesting the war in Gaza

Police evacuated a Columbia University building occupied by students protesting the war in Gaza
Many were arrested

Dozens of policemen entered the university campus on Tuesday night. Columbia Universityin the heart NYand evacuated a building occupied by students in protest of military intervention Israel In Gaza Strip.

According to US media, all protesters were evacuated from the facilities.

On Tuesday night (around 01:30 GMT Wednesday) a group of police officers – dozens of riot police – climbed to the second floor via a platform installed on a truck. Hamilton Hall and entered the building.

Dozens of people were detained and put into police buses, police confirmed. AFP. The crowd outside the campus chanted.Free Palestine!”.

Columbia University issued a warning to avoid the protest area (REUTERS/David Dee Delgado)

What happened on campus last night left us with no choiceUniversity president wrote. Minoch ShafiqHe asked the police in a public letter NY to intervene in this private enterprise located in Manhattan.

In the letter, Shafiq He asked the authorities to “maintain presence in the campus till at least May 17 and ensure that no camps are set up”.

From Monday night to Tuesday, protesters barricaded themselves in the building Columbia University Many organizations vowed to fight back against attempts to evict them as they fought to contain pro-Palestinian protests on dozens of campuses. America.

The deployment comes after education officials said they were “exploring options” after students occupied one of the academic center's buildings (AP/Julius Motal).

The Columbia University The occupying students had warned that Hamilton Hall They were at risk of expulsion.

Students responded: “We will stay here using the lessons of our people (Loop), which is unwaveringly determined even in the worst of circumstances,” a protester, who did not want to be named, told reporters from the building.

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Occupy Hamilton Hall The prestigious university came hours after officials at the center said they had started suspending students for not complying with the order to vacate the camp they had set up in the gardens.

The group also noted that the name of the building had been changed to “”.Hind Hall”, in memory of a six-year-old Gazan girl killed in an Israeli attack against a Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

Dozens of people were arrested and put into police buses (REUTERS/David Dee Delgado)

The protestors asked to emphasize their demands including: Columbia University Reject all attached funding Israel. The company declined Monday night and the parties have not reached an agreement.

The President did not approve of the seizure of the building Joe BidenIt asked students to guarantee freedom of expression and refrain from anti-Semitic acts.

Protests spread across the nation's universities. After around 100 protesters were arrested for the first time, camps were set up on the campus lawns at several places. Colombia On April 18.

On Tuesday, the Brown University An agreement was reached for the students to withdraw their camp IsraelA major award for an elite American university.

The occupation of the prestigious university's Hamilton Hall came hours after officials at the center said they had begun suspending students for not complying with orders to evacuate the camp (REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs)

In University of North CarolinaPolice intervened and cleared a camp and arrested some protesters.

In Cal Polly Humboldtin the north CaliforniaThe week-long occupation ended on Tuesday morning with the intervention of the police and the arrest of thirty protesters who took over the buildings and forced the closure of the premises.

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In University of TexasIn AustinPolice clashed with demonstrators on Monday, including the use of pepper spray, and made arrests while clearing a camp, with more than 350 people detained across the country over the weekend.

Paul Quincyof the Bar Association Austin He said who helps the prisoners AFP Estimates of “at least 80 arrests”.

Riot agents use a truck with a ladder to access the second floor of the building (REUTERS/David Dee Delgado)

Protests against war Loop The rallies have presented a challenge for university officials to balance the right to free speech with complaints that they fueled hatred and anti-Semitism.

Human Rights Leader UN, Volker TurkExpressing concern on Tuesday over the harsh measures taken to quell the protests, “Freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly are fundamental to society”.

Turkey “Incitement to violence or hatred based on identity or viewpoint, whether real or imagined, must be strongly rejected,” he added.

Protest organizers deny accusations of anti-Semitism, arguing instead that their actions are aimed at the government. Israel and his handling of conflict Loop.

The battle of Loop Then it started HamasIn an unprecedented attack, 1,170 people, mostly civilians, were killed in Israeli territory AFP From official Israeli statistics.

The reply Israel Killed at least 34,535 people LoopMostly women and children, led by the territory's Ministry of Health Hamas.