Kemptown MP Makes Appearance At Grenfell Tower Solidarity Demo

Lloyd Russell-Moyle at the demo. Credit @ Stephanie Newton

After the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London, people all around the UK have been coming together in an effort to show solidarity with the Kensington residents. On Friday 16th June a demonstration was arranged in Brighton, outside the town hall, to show solidarity with the Grenfell Tower residents and urge local councils, as well as the central government, to ensure safety measures are in place in all similar accommodations.

Supporters brought banners reading "May is murder" and "People not property". Credit @ Stephanie Newton

Supporters brought banners reading “May is murder” and “People not property”. Credit @ Stephanie Newton

Though not the biggest protest ever, the support was clear from the crowd, with cheers and claps for all the speakers. The demonstration included people affected by cuts to council housing speaking out about their concerns, prompted by the Grenfell Tower incident.

Newly elected Kemptown Labour MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle himself made an appearance at the end of the demo. In his speech he claimed the Grenfell Tower “tragedy” ought to be referred to as a “criminal act” to which the crowd responded passionately. Russell-Moyle also argued that the incident was due to “profiteers, who decided that money was more important than life.”

The protest ended with a march. Credit @ Stephanie Newton

The protest ended with a march. Credit @ Stephanie Newton

As the event came to an end, the crowd, speakers and sign-holders lead a march towards the fundraising event being held by Sisters Uncut – With chants such as “May is murder” and “What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now” filling the streets and turning heads…


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