May 22, 2024

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Hersh Goldberg-Pollin says Israeli government should be “ashamed” of Hamas release of video of Israeli hostage kidnapped in Gaza criticizing Netanyahu

Hersh Goldberg-Pollin says Israeli government should be “ashamed” of Hamas release of video of Israeli hostage kidnapped in Gaza criticizing Netanyahu

The Islamist group Hamas released a video this Wednesday showing Hersh Goldberg-Pollin, one of the Israeli hostages in Gaza., criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government for not doing enough to free them. A segment of Israeli society has been calling for months of anti-government protests every weekend in various parts of the country in support of early elections and an end to the prime minister's government.

“Benjamin Netanyahu and his government should be ashamed”Goldberg-Pollin says in the video that he reportedly lost an arm during the October 7 attacks by Hamas. The young man can be seen in the pictures sitting in a chair reading a message addressed mainly to Netanyahu, although he did send a few words to his family during the Passover holiday.

“Hand over the key to the government”

Goldberg-Bolin was abducted six months ago at the Noah music festival in southern Israel next to the Gaza Strip. “I went to hang out with my friends and instead I ended up fighting for my life with serious injuries all over my body,” the young man says in the video, which AFP could not verify or confirm was recorded.

“It may not be a happy holiday for me, but I wish it for you”Goldberg-Pollin, who is one of 129 Israeli hostages still in Gaza, warns that many of them may be dead. The hostage, seen in red on a white background, says the Israeli air force has killed 70 hostages.

Goldberg-Pollin blames the Israeli government for rejecting agreements to release the hostages. “Don't you want to end this dream?”He hears that many of the hostages do not have water, food or the medical treatment they need. “Do what is expected of you and take us home immediately. Or has this become too big? Time for you to hand over the keys to the government, vacate the ministries and make us sit in our homes,” says the hostage. Israeli-American.

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“They should be ashamed of themselves for abandoning us for 200 days and all the efforts of the army have failed,” says the captive, accusing the Israeli Air Force of killing 70 hostages in bombing raids. Goldberg-Paul's parents posted a video on social media in which they said: “We are relieved to see him alive, but we are concerned for his health and well-being and the welfare of the other hostages and all victims in this region”.

“Fear of losing more innocent lives”

The Israeli government has been trying to broker a deal with Hamas through mediating countries such as Qatar or Egypt to reach an armistice that would allow some hostages to be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, but the talks have been unsuccessful. So far. . The hostages' families have blamed Netanyahu and his government for the inability to bring them back, believing the Israeli leader is more concerned with his own political survival than getting their loved ones back in Gaza.

The Hostage and Disappeared Families Forum highlighted the release of Goldberg-Paul's video on Wednesday: “For more than 200 days, 133 hostages have been held captive by Hamas, suffering daily physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Hersh's cry is the collective cry of all the hostages: his time is quickly running out. “With each passing day, the fear grows stronger that more innocent lives will be lost.”

62 percent of Israelis believe it is time for those responsible for the debacle surrounding the Hamas offensive to resign. According to a recent survey conducted by the Israel Institute for Democracy on October 7. The survey, conducted between April 14 and 17, collected responses from a total of 514 respondents in Hebrew and 98 in Arabic.

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On Monday, the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, Aharon Haliva, resigned after Hamas accepted responsibility for the surprise attack. An internal military inquiry into what happened that morning and the response given continues.

Tens of thousands of Israelis protested again against the prime minister in various cities across the country this weekend. A demand was also made for early elections. Various groups called for protests in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Caesarea, where Netanyahu's residence is located, to call for an end to the war and for the government not to drag Israel into a regional war. Media networks, media and political figures.

This government is not a state. This government will be a disaster for the country. “You will not believe me that this terrible, radical and messianic government is no substitute for the best this country can offer its citizens,” the Israeli opposition leader said. Yair Lapid. Netanyahu vowed on Monday that he “will not rest” until all hostages in Gaza are freed. “Hamas wants to divide us and harden its position, but we are going to respond decisively,” the prime minister said, drawing increasing opposition from Israelis.