‘Plastic Free Pledge’ Campaign Seeks to Reduce Use of Plastic in Brighton

via Plastic Free Pledge website

A campaign, ‘Plastic Free Pledge’, has been launched in Brighton in order to drastically reduce single-use plastic.

Single-use plastic refers to plastic that is used once and then often discarded straight away, for example straws. On the campaign website, they state:

“20 minutes. That’s the average use time of a plastic straw. So, what happens to it next?

They certainly don’t disappear. The average plastic straw can last for 600 years or more. In the meantime, many straws will find their way into our oceans, especially from coastal regions such as Brighton.”

This, in turn, is causing harm to our wildlife and polluting our oceans. The campaign, which uses the hashtag #StrawsAreForSuckers! has been created by the team at Claire Potter Design, a sustainability based local design company.

The campaign has been picked up by the people of Brighton successfully, with the Brighton and Hove City Council Seafront Office and the Brighton and Hove Tourism Alliance teaming up with them to spread the cause.

Support can also be seen on the pledge map included on their website, which plots all the different bars, hotels, cafes and restaurants around Brighton that have signed up to the cause

Brighton has always been celebrated for its green roots and sustainable outlook, and this campaign is further cementing this into its ethos.


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